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What’s up family, is anyone interesting in buying a trucking company that has been in business for 3 months and take over the truck loan that I’m still paying? I already went trough the hard times with brokers with their requirements of 90 days so everything is good now. I saw my future doing this and I’ve been doing great with the company but now due to personal reasons and health issues I will no longer be able to drive and if I’m not driving I don’t think I want the business. Also, I’m open to give the company to someone like you to take over and run it as yours, I’ll just get some monthly fair small percentage. Run it as you want it, so you tell me how you want to do this.
The truck I have is a 26 footer straight truck under cdl (26,000)
Call me or text me if you are interested. Leo 815 791 2343
(If you want to take this company and don't know how to get loads from a load board, I will train you base on my experience)


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You need to post pics and info about the truck in your classifieds ad, people need to know exactly what you are looking to sell, it will help a lot.