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    Canada Former hourly driver going O/O

    base on the currenty gas price I will take my chances. If u cant afford to repair a sprinter, maybe you should stay as a company driver
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    Canada Former hourly driver going O/O

    I think the reason for diesel requirement is because the fuel surcharge. After penlty time research I choose to buy a diesel MBsprinter, for long term cost and fuel discount. I will start in Oct. Lets stay in touch, Canadian here.:cdn-flag3:
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    Is this normal?

    Van expediting is really not for a newbie. I think most expediter are former cdl driver
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    2021 General Expediter Chat

    Hi guys, need Canadian help here. any recommendation for spinter van expedite carrier in Ontario? Do I need a CVOR for a 9500lbs spirnter van?
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    Shower Options

    If I remeber correctly, Love`s provide free shower after certain mount of fuel purchases.