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    Pay...van owner/ does it work?

    Everything is included, linehaul + fsc + any other monies. So if it says .70/mi all in then all you are getting is .70/mi.
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    Pay...van owner/ does it work?

    Which carrier are you with if I may ask?
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    I would not go with the 150 ford transit. In my opinion, long and tall along with at least a 350 frame works best. For one it can haul tall freight with a 3 skid capacity and a weight capacity of 3000 lbs. which most carriers would like to have. Now the rate of .87/mi may be realistic for...
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    Well I hate to burst your bubble but I think if you stuck with the big boys I think you would be better off. Just think more freight opportunities and better rates plus you don’t have to spend alot of hours getting bugged eyed staring at that computer screen all day for a measly few dollars and...
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    It's July - Is everyone on vacation or something?

    Still getting my hands dirty. I got at least 4 more yrs to go to say I’m retired. 62 1/2 does not work tor me.
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    i want to buy MC & Dot numbers

    Ok i will bite. My authority is over 20 yrs old. What are you willing to pay for it?
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    Kinda rough so far

    Supposedly Bolt.
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    Our Time is Now

    Should’ve went with an attorney to get it reduced or changed to another non moving charge, then the speeding ticket wouldn’t go on your record. That’s what attorneys are for. JMHO.
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    Good or no good

    Have a question about what fleet owners pay their drivers. I know a fleet owner who is paying his driver (sprinter van) 42% of the gross plus the fsc and the driver pays for the fuel. Now I know it’s always been 40/60 with the fuel paid and the fsc going to the 60% but he says the 40/60 split...
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    Is your carrier doing anything for YOU due to the virus?

    I think you are living in the past.
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    Phone Signal

    Yeah it looks like he’s about 10 min. from you.
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    Phone Signal

    Man I sure miss Moose and Nightcreacher.
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    That’s how you balance yourself. Having a beer in one hand while tossing bean bag with the other. Lol.
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    New MC, need loads

    Bad time to start. Rates are in the toilet at this time and probably into the foreseeable future. Rates to get out of Texas at this time are in the .60 range and lower. Hope this helps.