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Have a question about what fleet owners pay their drivers. I know a fleet owner who is paying his driver (sprinter van) 42% of the gross plus the fsc and the driver pays for the fuel. Now I know it’s always been 40/60 with the fuel paid and the fsc going to the 60% but he says the 40/60 split is only for straights and tractors. He says his deal at 42% + fsc to the driver is a very good deal for the driver. I say poppycock. What say you?
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I don't say poppycock, because I believe the fleet owner is paying that. I also believe the fleet owner to be a cheap bastard I wouldn't want to drive for. Regardless of it being a straight, a tractor or a Sprinter, fuel ends up being about 20% of gross revenue, and the other 80% gets split between the driver and owner. That's why whoever gets the 60% pays for fuel, because they're gonna take a 20% hit for it. The arrangement above, after fuel expenses, nets out at closer to a 50/30 split, rather than a 40/40 split.
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