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Oct 18, 2018 at 6:58 AM
Aug 13, 2005
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Silex, MO, USA.

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Administrator, Female, from Silex, MO, USA.

Staff Member Owner/Operator
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Oct 18, 2018 at 6:58 AM
    1. tumbleweeds
      How do I gain access to the FedEx forum. We are unit B-5218
      Curt and Conneila
    2. Jason2
      Bob or linda i was wondering why i never got a response from you. I just found out i had to come back to my profile page .i'm sorry it me this long to get back to you .i'm also wondering how to get smiley faces to work some times when you make a post. If you wouldn't mind pm me back withhow to do it please .be cafeful out there. Jason
    3. Harley
      Hello Linda. I see that you have sold your truck. Congratulations. Guess I'll keep looking for a while. I have a question for you. I just tried to post on our carrier page but was not allowed. I have been with FEDEXCC for over 5 years. Can you tell me how I can get authorized to post? Thanks, Harley (JT)
    4. Jason2
      Bob or linda, have ya'llchecked the message i sent last week?
    5. Harley
      Hi Bob and Linda. I'm JT but my username on here is Harley. I have been with the Fed for a little over 5 years driving a van. Last year I got my fiancee in a van as well. Now we are looking at straight trucks. I have a class "A" but she only has "C" so will need to train for at least a "B". We saw your truck in the classified section and wanted to ask you some questions about it. If you wouldn't mind sending me your cell number I would like to call you sometime this weekend. Thanks, JT
    6. tumbleweeds
      You folks, davekc, the A team and a few others are the true professionals on EO. We like the nature of the comments you make and you seem to keep everything in perspective. We believe we can trust the info you give. Thanks for what you do. We continue to learn as we go.

      I saw the dog in the photo, are you white glovers? Our dog is getting so old we check to make sure he is still breathing each morn. If I remember correctly, Todd said no dogs on white glove, or beards etc.
      Anyway thanks for all you do.
    7. Jason2
      Bob or linda back in 2000 or 2001 i met a couple in rogersville ala that run a ford van with panther, i think. Thena little while later they came back to the camper place i worked.i knew they left the area a little while later.i enjoyed talking with them .was just wondering if that were ya' and wife was talking about them this past thursday when we past there old place. Thanks jason oliver
    8. FJK1954
      Bob and Linda- Can you please walk us through where to find the site to download our logs from and how to do it for the first time. thanks...frank and deb DR5786
    9. AutonomyRex
      Hi Linda and Bob,
      Thanks for staying late and answering my endless questions in Monroe, MI. Love the pics of your truck. I posted mine, or at least the "oldie" the company lets me use! Be Safe...Jon
    10. lugnut1
      Hi Linda,
      We missed your private message until this evening. 8/29/10
      We would be pleased to give you any info you desire. Do not have time at the moment.
      PM me with what you are interested in and we will respond ASAP.
    11. 1975Aug16
      Hello TeamCaffee,
      We were at the Expo in Wilmington 2010, I think we found the expo overall very informative,and met some really nice people to boot. We have been researching expediting for a while. We enjoyed the roundtable discussion with you two and a number of other expediters. My question to you is a simple one I think. What one thing is most important to you that makes your expediting business a success?
    12. MANIAC
      Linda, need to touch base with you to post a warning in the next week on the forum about our current owner and the circumstances surrounding why we are leaving! Other drivers need to be made aware to stay away from this clown!
    13. Dabus1952
      Hello folks If you get near the TA north Chicago or Kenosha Wi. and have time to kill would like to sit down and talk to you about Fed Express.I am looking to put a truck on with them , been out of it for while was o/o with Roberts express.I think you folks are trust worthy. Plus know the in and outs. thank you Kevin D. 262 914 3200
    14. nightcreacher
      Guess you saw that Im no longer with fdcc.It's really made me mad.There is no way that wreck should have been a preventable,and i think what it boils down to,what happened a couple weks ago,1st when i was at LG in Ft Worth,went above the guard so i coild go to the bathroom,he wrote me up,a different guard took me to bathroom.and then Hitting the panic button cause I couldnt get any response from dispatch,either by phone or C-Link.
      Ive talked to Panther,but because this wreck is over 5000 bucks,they have to put me up for review,of which they are talking to FDCC.
      Be safe
    15. MYGIA
      Can you please send me a message telling me the steps to changing my password. I can't seem to figure it out. Thank you. Mygia
    16. cheri1122
      Linder, just saw the pics from the Expo, and WOW, do you look great! Makes me wish I could get the Wii Fit in my truck, but I guess walking is all I can do for now, sigh. Seeing how fit you look has inspired me - keep up the good work! : )
    17. Andrew0580
      Hey, can you verify my post about the sixth gear you had installed? check the newbie's section under the sterling, M2 post, thanks
    18. ritasroy
      can you explain to me how to start a comment on the forum?
      I figured out how to answer someones comment but not how to get on with a question of my own that I need help with? We want to ask about an engine Mercedes Benz-so it would be in the trucking section
    19. Bruno
      Hi Linda and Bob hope things are good for you. I hope to run into you guys out on the road. Maybe I can buy you folks dinner.
    20. Val777
      Hi! I'm O/O for FCC for almost a year and now I need a driver, maybe you know where I can find drivers that work for FCC out of Canada? Thanks, Val
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