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    Please help E on shifter screen

    Thank you for response, is this it? Unfortunately the system will not let me up load the picture part # 89680-2290A I will try to send the picture again just want to make sure because you said 4 bolts but this only has 2
  2. J

    Please help E on shifter screen

    2012 Hino 258lp
  3. J

    Burner Maintenance light on a 2012 Hino

    Burner Maintenance light on a 2012 Hino
  4. J

    2011 Hino 258

    evening is there a way to check the EGR cooler?
  5. J


    Morning sir, regen stops after 5 seconds pulled out spark plugs from burner to clean and they were wet, orange hose from inter cooler has oil coming out any suggestions?
  6. J

    Mechanical hinos won't regen

    Thanks I wasn't to sure where to post
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    Mechanical hinos won't regen

    Afternoon everyone hope someone can help me out I am located in Texas and have a few 2011 and 2012 258lp hinos, I did not run my trucks through any water but feel like I might of gotten some bad gas in my trucks, I can not get them to regen I have changed the filters drained the tanks and they...
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    Allow me to introduce another great mechanic, Hino123.

    Good Afternoon sir I have a few hinos 2011s and 2012s I am located in Texas didn't run any of the trucks through the waters but I think I might have gotten some bad gas none of my hinos will do a regen (I have drained the tanks, changed the filters) but cannot get them to do a full regen (lights...