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    My thoughts at large

    #2 Pencil Opinions 1. Since crap is king(things turn to stuff). 2. Government decided that #1 pencils needed regulation, so now we have #2.
  2. Jamin_Joe

    The debate.

    Like Xiggi's comment that we are screwed. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Saw a funny news story about the lack of truck drivers causing the need for unmanned trucks. The reason for the lack of drivers is the regulations and costs of being an owner operator. How smart us it...
  3. Jamin_Joe

    Billy Graham.

    Another Billy Graham Classic. What's Wrong with the World? (1958) by Dr.Billy G…: What's Wrong with the World? (1958) by Dr.Billy Graham - YouTube
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    Border Crisis preplanned?

    Another smoking gun. Government Advertised In JANUARY For ?Escorts? For 65,000 Illegal Alien Children To Be ?Resettled? | Weasel Zippers
  5. Jamin_Joe

    Border Crisis preplanned?

    ABC report about ad to come to America. | Mobile Any Spanish speaking folks able to check nicarragra and guatimalian news paper archives to verify report?
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    Border Crisis preplanned?

    Note date is June 19, 2014, rather fishy. Catholic Charities of Dallas? Vanna Slaughter Speaks Out on the Unaccompanied Minors National Crisis « Catholic Charities of Dallas Blog
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    Math Threat

    Funny! I had major probems with math till I took an Engineering Tehnocal math course and the teacher used real world examples and snuck in Trig Identities in with learning how to rearrange formulas. During the trig portions, it was easy. It's all about a persons style of learning, mine is a...
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    Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago.

    Sociaism, communism, Humanism, Activism, oh my!
  9. Jamin_Joe

    Billy Graham.

    I like the utube videos of Billy Graham. Dr Billy Graham: Three Things You Cannot Do Witho…:
  10. Jamin_Joe

    Keep your Bibles open

    I only signed up one, back around 20010. Jesus is more than an activist, HE is the Son of God. The Bible is very clear on the needs of mankind, our spiritual needs, and it predicted the current events with a stong warning that one day it will be too late to get right with God. In fact...
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    What Country best fits your personality?

    They picked New Zealand, but would live Germany for the scenary, food, and baked goods. Over all, the USA since it has a great mix of things that make me happy.
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    Keep your Bibles open

    Since when do Activists speak for the majority? Typically, in my opinion most get their jollies from stirring up trouble and their views are often not held by the majority.
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    I Wanna Hijack a Thread

    True, the issue is the Border. My question is Why the sudden influx of children? Counld this be a smoke screen for undersirables like Terrorists to gain undetected entry? We could treat thevchildren and arrange transport home and bill the relitives or their Governments to pay for it. As...
  14. Jamin_Joe

    Back to basics.

    With all the things going on in the News, some things have caught my attention as a Christian and I would like to mention that in all that is going on, Christians need to focus on the basics of their faith and get our hearts right before God. I have caught myself wishing evil on those that are...
  15. Jamin_Joe

    Go home,,,Happy 4th everyone

    Everyone enjoy your time with friends and love ones. Happy and safe 4th!