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  • Hello there "blizzard"; my name is Sergio and i open a new conversation in the forum and i got a private message from Bill Chaffey to contact you... I really could use some help; let me thank you in advance for reading this..
    Hello blizzard my name Chad Martin and I was told about you from Chef Dennis.He and I were talking and he thought you might be able too help me out.I,m looking for more broakers too sign up with.can you help.I'm 32 with a 2005 ford e250 all the proper insurance.Looking too be run raged.Chef Dennis said you where a very bussy man.
    Thanks and I look foward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely Chad Martin
    "We need to spread the word that gangs of roving cargo vans are everywhere waiting to pick up straight truck freight for lower rates!"
    I love it!
    Hey, how's it going? I was wondering how you are liking Bolt? I'm shopping for a van right now and soon as I have it purchased and setup I'm planning on hitting the road. It seems that people with Bolt seem to be pretty happy for the most part. I'm in Louisville, KY so it should be a pretty good freight lane to be based out of. Any input is greatly appreciated. If we run into each other out there I'll be glad to buy you lunch!


    I may have somebody, if is not working out I will send a PM. Are you already went thru orientation?
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