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Maxx Automotive Corporation

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Moot, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Purgoose posted this reply and link in another thread.

    I'm interested in this vehicle and tried to contact Maxx several times a year or so ago without success. Purgoose or anyone else done business with these people? I welcome E.O. members to click on the link and help me decipher exactly what it is the company is selling. I am very interested in a 12' to 14' box on a 159" SRW GM chassis. The vehicle description and the 3 pictures at the bottom of the ad seem to be confusing and conflicting. The van pictured doesn't appear to have a 14' box, does it? A couple of the bullet points in the ad copy read:

    013 Express 3500 Cutaway 159” WB SRW (139" WB Conversion). Are they stretching a 139" WB chassis?

    LT245 / 75RX16E BSW SRW Tires What does BSW stand for?

    I plan on talking with these people in the near future but would like to get some background info first. The company also markets an FRP box similar to Supreme or Rockport, but again the details are sketchy. Any help, opinions or translations of this nebulous ad copy and/or the Maxx Automotive Corporation would be appreciated. Have at it!

    Could BSW stand for black sidewall?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  2. Monty

    Monty New Recruit

  3. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Thanks, but I'm interested in 159' SRW GM chassis, more specifically, at least for the purpose of this thread, the Freedom Express 3500. I couldn't find the Freedom Express or any SRWs on the Turtle Top link.
  4. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    Almost a year ago I tried to buy a Turtletop/Ultramax from these people. Had money in hand but they would not respond. I have since found out they had 25 Turtletops ordered from Turtletop manufacturers and never took delivery. I think they are having financial trouble but don't know because you cannot talk to them. I have decided to have Turtletop build me one as soon as the specing is done. Hope to have it operational by the end of the first quarter of next year. 6 Mos.
    They are somewhat pricey but you can get anything you want, A/C, Ht, Onan etc. Hopefully the elections go the right way and the economy picks up because that's what I'm banking on. I'm glad I waited, had a feeling the economy would pit out this year, and was right.
    The Freedom van pictured is a van that has been cutaway and topped. It has swing doors. Can't get pricing or anything else from them. I would advize not dealing with them, if you have to run them down to buy it, imagine what you would go through with warranty work.
    Just to ad they are not stretching. They have both a 139" and a 159" with 14' load spacing. Web site has all info.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  5. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter


    Maxx has nothing to do with Turtletop Manufacturing. Maxx Auto is located just out of Nashville Tn and Turtletop is in Indiana. Maxx was selling their units.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  6. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Thanks Goose! Would you mind sharing your specs either in a thread or privately via pm?

    So the Freedom is similar to the HCV the Berry's had? What's confusing is GM doesn't make a van with a 159" WB and the cutaways are DRW. So confusing! The last time I tried to contact MAC there website was down, for a very long time. Doing a google search led to articles relating to a law suit.

    What I would really like in a van is the 12' Areocell CW but I want a wb longer than 139".
  7. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Well, I can help you as far as BSW... black sidewall as in tires.
  8. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm beginning to understand why Westmicher is building his own van.
  9. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    BSW tires.
  10. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    When I hauled cutaway cab/chassis GM hade a 159" chassis.
  11. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    I have not seen these units in person, but I have looked that spec sheet over a lot. I believe the unit to be on a 139" wheelbase that has been stretched to 159". I see no other explanation for the term "139 inch conversion". I also believe from looking at the picures and the description that it is a one piece fiberglass body. Thats what it says anyway.

    If they have done a good job with everything, that is a good van...imo. I also suspect that it is built by Turtletop just like the ultramax was, but thats just a hunch on my part. If I wanted one and the Maxx people were not talking, I would talk to Turtletop directly to find out.

    I agree that BSW would stand for black sidewall. I also agree that there is a good reason to build your own if you have the resources. My thing is that if Ford gets their Transit right, all of these aftermarket conversions are 2nd best.
  12. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    That's how I read it also. Confusing to say the least. The pictures don't appear to be a 14' box. I guess it could be the camera angle. The mid body lines flow smoothly and uniformly from the cab to the box which does resemble the chopped top HCV.

    One of the reason for this thread was to get some more info before pursuing it further.

    I have a feeling it will be a few years before Ford has a Transit model more suited to expediting, like a long and tall version. I'd like to get into a cube of some sort by late next spring.
  13. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    Definitely confusing and I don't think anyone has actually seen one in person yet. I agree that the picures dont look like a 159" wb to me either. I give the design and appearance high marks if they have the specs right.
  14. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    I am designed poorly and ugly, but I still make money....:p
  15. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    First off it is NOT a stretch. GM has two w/base chassis. 139-159. The regular size van sits on a 139 and a 3500 extended sits on a 159 wb chassis.
    I have seen one. The take a van and cut the top and rear off and ad a fiberglass top. The top unit has swing doors. It is not a Turtletop unit. I will be getting that straight when I talk to Turtletop. Maxx is using a web site that came from Turtle top. How do they do that? I don't know.
    They offer two units. 139" wb that has 12' cargo space and a 159" wb that has 14' of cargo space. Single side door. The top is one piece.
    I was going to get a Cargo Max like the Chef and Rocketman but somethings I did not like and could not get some of the options I wanted. Dealing with dealers who don't build the unit is dealing with second hand information. They have to ask the manufacturer the same questions you ask them. When spending that much money you should deal with people who know the answers first hand. That's why I'm choosing Turtletop. I was going to purchase a Cargo Max with an older chassis like Chef and Rocketman but decided to get a newer model. Yes less money but by the time you change and ad you have the same as a new unit.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2012
  16. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    But that 's part of the confusion that the Meek Maxx brothers are perpetuating. GM vans come in either a 139"wb or the extended, which I own, is 155" wb. The cutaway chassis are either 139" SRW or 159" DRW as standard lengths. There is no way that Freedom Express can have a 14' cargo area if it is a chopped van. GM lists the cargo length for the extended van as 147.8", that measurement is from the seat base at the floor to the rear doors. That ain't 14 feet!

    I believe the Brothers Meeks at Maxx are either lazy and don't proofread their ad copy, greatly confused, intentionally misleading or all of the above.

    Does anybody know who actually makes the Freedom Express and or where some realistic specs could be found?
  17. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    They have 14' on the 159" because the body comes out behind the w/base. The back end is fiberglass. Hard to explain.
  18. mick49

    mick49 New Recruit

    call Alan @ Pallotta 800-589-2065 TerraMaxx unit with TurtleTop specs
  19. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Okay, I think I follow you on this except for the wheelbase. The Freedom Express is a Chevy van with the body cut off at the mid point and the rear door frame removed and then a one piece fiberglass shell is installed that includes sidewalls and rear door stuff. The frame must also be lengthened but if it started its life out as a van, it has a 155" wheelbase. If it is built on a 159" cutaway chassis, then the whole box is probably fiberglass.
  20. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    I think I see the confusion. Just went to their site. What they are describing is a 159" chassis but the pictures are of a 139". That's another of their problem, they can't put a good web site together. Another problem is a lot of tire kickers in this business as well as others and only two people selling.

    I see some other confussion. The extended van has 155" WB whereas the cuttaway is 159".
    This web site with spec sheet will clear that up.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2012

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