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Winter Cab Comfort

By Sandy Long, staff writer
Posted Oct 9th 2012 3:38AM

With fuel at over $4.00 a gallon on average, anti idling laws becoming more prevalent, and government mandated fuel mileages on the horizon, the smart owner operator, fleet owner, or carrier is looking to cover all of the bases without sacrificing the driver’s comfort, health and safety.   Providing the answers are Espar Products and Espar of Michigan.   Both have long been recognized leaders in the field of Auxiliary Heater Systems

Espar Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of the J.Eberspächer Group, which has over 60 years experience in manufacturing and providing technical support for their heating systems.   Espar Products have been a presence in North America for better than 39 years with Espar of Michigan being an Award-Winning Espar Dealer for over 23 years.

Espar Heaters are available in two versions: Airtronic Air Heaters and Hydronic Coolant Heaters.  Air heaters heat interior space such as the bunk of a truck, interior of Sprinter/Cargo van, work trucks, construction equipment, marine, and other applications.

How the air heater works

Airtronic Air Heaters are versatile for different types of vehicles.  Due to the small size of the units, they can be mounted in the cab, the luggage (side box) compartment or under the floor.   Espar timers and key fobs are available for preheating duties; a driver can enter a pre-warmed cab without having to go out in the cold to start the vehicle first.  

Ray Lawrence, President of Espar of Michigan and, has sold and installed thousands of Espar Heaters in his 25-year career as an award-winning Espar Dealer.  Ray says, “The Espar Airtronic D2 is North America’s favorite bunk heater.  The beauty of the Espar Airtronic Heater is that it is powerful, quiet, reliable and it runs 20 hours on a gallon of fuel. With four thermostatically controlled heat outputs, just turn the heater on; adjust your thermostat and rest comfortably and safely, refreshed for the next day’s run.”

Ray continues, “One might think I would get tired of telling the Espar Fuel Saving/Comfortable Living Story, but not so!  It's really nice to have customers tell us how they really love their Espar Heater and then we share their stories.”

photo_6.JPGRecently Ray and his wife visited the Eberspächer World Headquarters in Esslingen, Germany.  While there, they taken on a full tour of the facilities.  Ray says, “Did you know, every individual heater is personally stamped by the craftsman who built that particular Espar Heater?   What pride in workmanship: very impressive!”

Operating over twenty hours on a single gallon of fuel is a truck owner’s dream; no idling for heat, no chancing expensive anti-idling tickets, or extra wear and tear on the truck’s engine.   In addition, the Espar Airtronic is a real moneymaker for the operator.  Visit and click on Savings Calculator to see how much your bottom-line can increase using the Espar Airtronic.   The average return on investment (ROI), including installation, is seven to eight weeks.  

Both air heaters and coolant heaters are available in gas and diesel models.   Depending on the model/BTU requirements and the type of heater needed by the purchaser, the weight of the Airtronic Heaters vary from approximately three pounds for the smallest unit to just over ten pounds for the largest.   Hydronic Coolant Heaters vary in weight from just under three pounds for the smallest to forty pounds for the largest.   In most cases, the smaller heater is more than adequate for over the road vehicles.  The large heaters are used more in off-road and military applications.   Both heaters are compact in size.

Espar of Michigan has been gifting Espar D2 Airtronic Heaters at the Expedite Expo for over five years.  Bob and Linda Caffee, owner operators leased on with FedEx Custom Critical, came by their Espar Heater System as a gift from Espar of Michigan during a drawing open to forum members .  Linda won her Espar Airtronic D2 at the 2010 Expedite Expo in Wilmington, Ohio.  

Bob and Linda had their gifted Espar D2 Heater installed on their new Freightliner expediter truck during the warm weather months.  When cold weather came along, Linda hit the switch for the Espar D2 Heater.  Being used to the noisy apu unit they had previous experience with, Linda at first thought the unit was not working because she could not hear anything running.  She reached down, put her hand in front of the vent, and quickly jerked it back; hot air was coming out, but there was no noise.   Linda said, “I am delighted with the quietness of the unit.”

Bob is impressed, the Espar D2 Heater he and Linda have uses one quart of fuel in eight hours and only weighs between three and four pounds, it fits easily under the head of their bunk.   Both Caffees enjoy the lack of exhaust fumes.   Bob says, “The exhaust is never noticeable as it was with the apu unit unless we have gotten some poorer quality fuel, then there may be a slight odor of exhaust outside of the truck for just a few seconds as the unit starts up.”

Espar Heating Systems, Espar of and are dedicated to protecting the environment not only by producing quality anti-idling systems that reduce emissions, using an Espar Heating System on your large truck will reduce CO2 emissions 96%, but also by being part of the Smartway System.   Furthermore, they offer to assist other companies learn about being eco-friendly and assist them to develop their own sustainability systems.

Finding your Espar Heater is as easy as contacting Ray Lawrence, President of Espar of Michigan by calling 800.837.3900.  Ray can be emailed at ,, or contacted on twitter at

Espar of Michigan is located in the greater Detroit Michigan area.  Ray guarantees, “Contact us, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule to install your Espar Heater and get your truck back on the road as soon as possible.”


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