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What is Expedite and Why Choose This Profession?

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted May 20th 2022 8:00AM

Expedite freight has been classified as time-sensitive material, which is certainly true from a purely logistical standpoint. However, to think of it in terms a lifelong long hauler might need to have it explained is a little more complicated than that.

The Driver’s Perspective

Hurry up and wait. This phrase is perhaps the best way to describe the nature of the load that awaits the driver who’s anxious to keep their wheels turning. The prevailing mentality has always been that if the wheels ain’t turnin’, then I ain’t earnin’. To which there is certainly truth in that. However, for a driver to make the cognitive shift into an expedite mindset it’s not quite as simple.

The idea of waiting for a load offer, as opposed to having one pre-planned out, sours quite a few when the idea of “time equals money” comes into play. A fair point, indeed. But when it’s approached with the mentality of “work smarter, not harder” the focus shifts from go-go-go to patience and understanding that the premium rate that’s being paid to the truck should/will be higher than just running your truck until the wheels fall off.

That alone should even out the time-to-money ratio. When waiting on a load offer from dispatch, it can seem like time is crawling at a snail’s pace. But when that freight is booked and sent to the driver, there’s nary a moment to waste as it’s time to transform and roll out.

From a Business Point-of-View

No matter where you are shipping to or from, the fast-paced economy that we live in today requires shipments to be completed quickly and expeditiously. If a client has a time-sensitive need for certain goods and/or products, such as medical facilities in dire need of supplies, expediting their delivery may be their fastest and only option. From logistics and transportation to freight management, handling these urgent loads can be a harrowing task, which is why many businesses choose to go the route of expediting their shipments.

The focus of expedited freight is to get the goods from point A to point B as quickly as possible. To make this happen, trucks rarely make other stops along the way, instead making a bee line straight to their destination. There are occasional hiccups along the way, which is to be expected when traversing the roads most frequently traveled. Which makes it all the more important that when a driver’s number is called, they and their truck are ready to spring at a moment’s notice.

So, Who is Expediting This Freight?

Practically anyone can make use of expedited services, from smaller mom-and-pop shops to large companies and organizations. If goods and services are required within a certain time frame, such as when an auto manufacturing plant requires a part for a vehicle or risking the assembly line shutting down, expediting is the prevailing shipping method of choice. Regardless of the size and type of freight being shipped, expedite offers peace of mind that the load will be delivered on time.

Every step of the expedite process is crucial, from booking to delivery. A driver who can carry that mindset along with them, in full understanding that they are providing an exemplary service for someone who is otherwise in need of an emergency delivery, will not only flourish in this industry but can count on being better appreciated for their hard work and dedication. And isn’t that something we all want out of our careers?