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Sprinter Source: Neely Coble Company

Posted Jan 15th 2013 6:17AM

Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I began our trucking career.   For fifteen years, we earned a good living driving team for midsized fleets.   Most of our employers treated us well.   Driving the highways and byways of America I watched owner-operators zoom past beset with envy for the pretty rigs; at truckstop fuel islands, in their restaurants and TV lounges, I and other company drivers listened raptly whenever an owner-operator spoke.   Many of these owners had only a few months experience; many of them were barely out of their teens.   Didn't matter: they controlled their own destiny!

One day the wife and I decided to take a plunge into deep waters.   We made every mistake in the books, and invented some new one of our own.   With little cash on hand after the payment of our down payment on our very own previously owned Freightliner, from the first week we had to rely on our credit cards for the payment of the numerous fees involved in becoming owner-operators.   Eager to go to work, I--not my wife-- made another devastatingly bad decision when I chose a fleet to sign on with without conducting any research.   Needless to say, my wife and I proved to be better drivers than business owners.   Two years after driving off the lot with our very own rig, we declared bankruptcy.   No shame in that-- about 4,000,000 company drivers travel America's highways in the employ of fleets large and small.   But, having tasted the independence of owning my own truck, I assure all you company drivers that the rewards of ownership outweigh the financial risks--succeed or fail, driver, you will enjoy the journey!   So, don't give up the dream.   Just make better choices.

I bought my truck off a dirt lot and signed the paperwork in a 40' travel trailer.   Needless to say, once I handed over the check and signed my name, I was on my own.   A used truck warranty, yes, but obviously the seller lacked the resources to live up to his many promises.   So, driver, regardless of your financial situation, this voice of experience advises you to shop at a reputable full service truck dealership.  

No dealership in the entire nation has a better reputation than that of Neely Coble Company.   Since it opened its doors in 1951, it has abided by founder Neely Coble's admonition that "The customer is always right."   Today, Neely Coble Company's banner flies proudly above dealerships located in Nashville, TN and Decatur, AL; both provide full service maintenance as well as new and used equipment sales to both large fleets and individual buyers.  

Unless you've been saving every penny for a few decades or have a rich relative, you'll need financing.  

Joan Anderson, Neely Coble's F&I manager is eager to help you realize your dream of truck ownership.   "At Neely Coble Company it is our goal to make it easy for the customer to do business with us.   We are truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to buying your truck.   Few dealers offer their own Financing and Insurance Department in order to meet their customer's needs."

     Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I use your finance sources instead of my bank?
A: Many of our customers find it more beneficial to save their bank credit for purchases that more directly affect the day to day operation of their business, such as: inventory, manufacturing equipment, facility expansion, etc.

Q: Can you finance used equipment?
A: Yes, on most types of equipment.

Q: How long can you finance for?
A: Most new equipment terms are 60 to 72 months,
     Used equipment depends on the age of the truck,
     And we do have special terms on some of the specialized equipment.

Q: Do you have someone if I have a problem with credit?
A: Yes, we also have sources to help with credit problem issues.

Q: Do I have to purchase a truck to purchase insurance?
A: No, we will be glad to assist you with your insurance needs.

The moment I drove off that here-today-gone-tomorrow dirt lot, I was on my own.   Neely Coble won't abandon you after the deal is signed.   When you become a customer of Neely Coble's sons and grandsons, they accept the responsibility of doing everything in their power to help you achieve your goals.  

  It's service with a smile every day at Neely Coble Company.   Its factory-trained technicians can handle your toughest service need.   They provide warranty service for Freightliner and Isuzu trucks, and they are also fully certified to work on Detroit , Mercedes, CAT, Cummins, Meritor and Eaton components.

Expediter drivers, they haven't forgotten about you.  

In an effort to better serve your business, Neely Coble opened a Light Duty Parts & Service Center that was designed and staffed to meet the special needs of expediter fleets and owner-operators.   Although specializing in Isuzu and Sprinter vehicles, they are ready, willing and more than able to solve any maintenance problem that takes your truck out of service.

A four-wheeler crushed your fender? a limb fell on your hood?   Neely Coble's body shop (available at both locations) can restore your rig to like-new beauty.  

And for those with a mechanical bent, Neely Coble offers factory-approved training classes.

The only things Neely Coble can't do for you is drive your miles or fix your logbook.

     You can find their website by clicking on this link:

Neely Coble Company

     Drivers, don't give up your dream of owning your own truck.   But do like I say, and not like I foolishly did.   Contact Joan Anderson at:

Direct: 615-369-2830

Fax: 615-301-5983

     If you're ready to make the plunge, she'll help you over the financing hurdles.


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