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Software Tools For Owner Operators

By Jeff Jensen
Posted Oct 7th 2002 3:08PM

Al Limberg didn't start out to be a computer software programmer or an owner of an online company, that's just the way things worked out.

Al was a truck driver for 15 years and he discovered computers by necessity; back in the late 80's he wanted to keep tabs on his company's record keeping regarding his fuel taxes and it snowballed from there.

Using one of the first laptops ($2200!), Al discovered that there was no trucking-specific software that fit his applications, so after researching the subject at length, he began writing his own programs.

His product was so well received that he went into the software business in 1993, calling it Omni Communications, and his company has experienced a growth rate of 40-48% annually.

With the company headquartered in the Sheboygan, WI area, Omni Communications maintains a small staff to reduce overhead which helps to keep his products affordable to truck drivers. Two of the company's best selling software programs for the truck driver are marketed under the "Easy Trucking Software" banner and they include the PROFIT PER MILE and FUEL MANAGER programs.


This program offers the tools to track all the details of your

business, from revenue and expenses per mile, to truck maintenance.

Features include:

Unlimited Income Categories Unlimited Expense Categories Easy Invoices Accounts Receivable Profit and Loss Statement

This comprehensive program offers just about all the necessary record keeping for trucking or expediting. The accompanying tax section is basically a fill-in-the-blank system all designed for the non-computer expert to use.

This writer is basically a point-and-click computer user and if it gets more involved than that, I'm lost. It seems that these two programs are structured with someone like me in mind; simple and easy to use. The features listed above are just a sampling of what this software provides, it even includes a search engine, driver trip sheet and more.


Another program Al Limberg offers is the Fuel Manager Software. As comprehensive as the Profit Per Mile, this one makes calculating and reporting fuel taxes a snap. Again, if I can understand it, I figure anyone can. It only took a few minutes to get the hang of it, and it made filling out the forms very easy.

Features include:

Separate quarterly tax tables IFTA Report IRP Report Audit Report Fuel Analysis Report Internet Link to IFTA Tax Rates User up-dateable Tax Rates

It also includes the search engine feature of the other program and it would seem to sharply reduce the time spent on this necessary chore.

Both the Profit Per Mile and Fuel Manager applications can be used with Windows 95/98/NT and 2000. Two versions are available for each; one for Owner/Operators with 1-5 trucks, and another for 6 trucks or more.

Brand new is the Palm Pilot version of EZ Trucking software; now the O/O can store his records in his shirt pocket!  Omni offers a 30 day free trial of the 1-5 truck version of EZ Trucking software available through download and is also available on CD-ROM. Al has designed and produced a 'show me how' video series that is available after the software is downloaded.

In review, the EZ Trucking software is well-designed and user-friendly. It's comprehensive and complete, offering the user complete record-keeping ability in an easy to use format. If you've been considering an accounting software purchase, definitely give these a test run.

Omni Communications

1 (800) 459-OMNI


2 Omni.Com


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