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Rusty or restored, antique trucks illustrate living history

By Shirley Sponholtz
Posted Jul 3rd 2012 5:47AM

Old Time Truck Show is a museum on wheels

Old trucks are fun, and the Old Time Truck Show is bringing the fun to the 2012 Expedite Expo . Sponsored by Old Time Trucks magazine, the show gives classic trucks a place to pose and preen while they provide a look back into the glory days of trucking. Of course, the good old days didn’t have air conditioning, automatic transmissions, or superhighways, but the old iron still prompts fond memories and stirs the imagination.

1949-Peterbilt-Jerry-Howard.jpg “Our Old Time Truck show provides a rare opportunity for people to visit a rolling museum of trucking history,” said Shirley Sponholtz, editor and founder of Old Time Trucks magazine. “Some of our ‘old truck nuts’ have pretty amazing antique trucks.” Vehicles on hand for past shows have run the gamut from a 1918 Oldsmobile to a 1948 chain-drive Sterling to a 1980 Mack Superliner. Some of them may be rusty, like a classic 1970 Autocar, and some of them may be immaculately restored, like a 1950 GMC Cannonball. However, one thing shared by all of these old trucks is the love their owners have for the hobby and their willingness to share that passion with others.

That’s where Old Time Trucks magazine comes in. Published bimonthly, it features articles about antique trucks and the history of trucking. Now in its ninth year, Old Time Trucks offers a wealth of information and photos about old trucks, their drivers, and the companies they worked for. The articles are almost entirely supplied by readers, along with photos they have taken over the years. “It’s amazing what some of our readers come up with,” said Sponholtz.

1975-Bighorn-Brian-Spradlin.jpg Photo essays are always popular, and past issues have included historic photos from the collections of Stan Holtzman, Joe Wanchura, Robert Ward, Ron Adams, and William Wright, just to name a few. Many of these photos are in black-and-white from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and were taken with an old Brownie camera from the back of a bicycle. They chronicle the history of the trucking industry and depict trucking companies that disappeared from the roads long ago: Campbell 66, Little Audrey, Mason-Dixon, I-C-X, Be-Mac, P-I-E, McLean, and Consolidated Freightways, among others. The photographs frequently stir up memories that prompt readers to send in their own recollections or photos of days gone by.

In addition to the many photographs in Old Time Trucks , in-depth articles covering a broad spectrum of topics appear in each issue. These might include technical information on the development of engines and transmissions, a detailed history of Peterbilts in Australia, or an account of armored Chevys in the Warsaw Uprising. Many drivers have shared colorful stories of their experiences on the road, bringing the events to life for readers and bringing back memories for other drivers.

Anyone who loves old trucks will enjoy seeing the Old Time Truck Show on display at Expedite Expo and can enjoy reading about them in Old Time Trucks magazine, which is available from Old Time Trucks , PO Box 1116, Richmond, IN 47375. For more information call 765-935-5301 or visit .


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