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Razor International USA: Electronic Landing Leg Systems

By Sandy Long
Posted Oct 1st 2014 4:16AM

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in their 2009 findings  July, 2011, citing that “Tractor-trailer truck drivers (47,790 cases {of work related injuries] incidence rate of 328 [per 10,000 workers]) and light or delivery service truck drivers (32,210 cases, incidence rate of 410) had the longest absences from work—a median of 15 and 14 days, respectively.”   One of the most common types of injuries to truck drivers comes from cranking landing legs up and down because it uses many parts of the body to accomplish; shoulders, wrists, backs and knees.

 thumb2.jpgIn 1998, two engineers from Australia, Geoffrey Watson and Darryl Baird, decided to put their engineering knowledge to work addressing the issue of drivers and landing leg related injuries.   They developed Razor; the electronic intelligence system for cranking landing legs up and down automatically; Razor International, PTY Ltd was born.

The Razor system is powered by an independent power supply; thethumb.jpg electronic motor-driven unit raises and lowers landing legs with the simple touch of a button.   Control button options are in the cab, inside of the box and/or on the side of the landing legs making usage easy, saving time and effort.   The Razor installs easily if one has a little mechanical ability and takes less than two hours to install.   Razor International website offers videos and other installation information .

Features & Benefits

·          Greatly improves driver safety

·          Heavy-duty electric motor

·          Solid aluminum casting

·          State-of-the-art electronics

·          Saves time and physical injury

·          Manual override back-up

·          Optional remote operation

thumb8.jpgRazor landing leg systems are ideally suited for the expediter truck.   With time being of the essence, an expediter can quickly drop the landing legs from the box or the cab in any unloading or loading situation without risking the binding common to landing leg gears.   Furthermore, the operators are not endangering themselves with possible injury.   Lightweight, the system will not cost anything in cargo capacity.

For more information on Razor International USA landing leg system or to order, call 888-818-2058.


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