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Expediters Come To The Rescue

By Jeff Jensen
Posted Sep 15th 2001 7:04AM

Because of the terrorist attack on the US, we've already seen many heroes emerge from the ranks of ordinary Americans; the police, the firefighters, our men and women in uniform, the volunteer rescue workers and others. A group of Americans who routinely come the fore during times of crisis are the professional commercial truck drivers and expediters.

News reports of the last few days have told of many truck drivers donating their time, equipment and energy in aiding the rescue efforts in New York City and the men and women of the expediting community have been busy helping as well.

These are just the first few stories of what is still a developing event and Expediters will report other examples of expediting at it's finest as they occur.

Express-1 contractor takes emergency shipment to New York

When Express-1 of Buchanan, MI received a call from the Indianapolis Red Cross, they were told that the disaster relief agency had an emergency load destined for New York, and that it had to be picked up immediately.

The company offered the load to one of their contractors by the name of Rob Saldivar who drives a 22 foot straight truck, who happily agreed, taking the load free of charge.

He made it to the pickup on time, and after being loaded with 3 pallets of coffee makers, dust filters and other supplies, Rob took the freight straight through to the New York City area.

Rob says, "I feel honored to take this load and I'm happy to help." Echoing Rob's feelings is Keith Avery, VP of Logistics at Express-l, who tells us, "We all felt somewhat helpless watching the tragedy on TV and this is a small way that we can help."

Try Hours to the rescue.

Try Hours, Inc of Maumee, OH came to the rescue of some rescue equipment damaged in the World Trade Center attack.

One of Try Hours' premier customers is a glass company who builds windshields for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

The company has produced 150 windshields each of two different types, and Try Hours was their choice of carrier to transport the materials between three separate locations before the final shipment of the finished product.

Con-Way NOW drivers get the job done.

Jimmy Bowen of Con-Way NOW relates the story:

"During the difficult times our nation is facing, Con-Way NOW was called to perform a mission for the Secret Service."

"On the 13th of September we were called by a customer with medical supplies. The shipment they needed to be delivered as quickly as possible was to go to the Secret Service in Washington DC."

"There were a lot of details involved in this shipment and it was a time consuming effort for our Professional Business Owners. They did not hesitate to do what was needed to be done for this load."

"They faced men and women with loaded weapons, attack dogs, and very serious people at the delivery location."

"I spoke with our Professional Business owners and they felt honored that they were able to do this load. They felt very proud to do this shipment and it felt good to be doing something that made them feel helpful in our trying times."


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