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Bob and Linda Caffee: Why Stoops Freightliner, Fort Wayne Indiana?

By Sandy Long
Posted Jul 7th 2014 3:33AM

944572_10200449084444982_59206280_n.jpgBob and Linda Caffee have many achievements as owner operators with FedEx Custom Critical: award winning drivers both team and individually, well-known in the trucking community inside and out of expediting, and members of Freightliner’s Team Run Smart. Dedicated to the Freightliner brand, the Caffees previously purchased their 2012 Class 8 Cascadia Freightliner dry box expedite truck from Stoops Freightliner of Fort Wayne Indiana. When they decided to upgrade to a 2015 Class 8 Cascadia Evolution, they chose to return to Stoops Freightliner.

“When we decided a few years ago to upgrade from a Class 7 to a Class 8 we had to look for a dealer who could provide Class 8 trucks for use in expediting. We watched Jeff Jones from Stoops and his interaction with customers. We noticed that Jeff spent a lot of time after hours talking to drivers about what they looked for in their trucks and we enjoyed his relaxed and easy manner. After a time and after getting to know him better, we felt comfortable enough with Jeff Jones to depend on him to understand what we wanted in our truck and knew he would come through for us. In addition, we did our research on the road and spoke to other Stoops Freightliner customers and we heard how well the service was after sale,” Linda Caffee said.

“When we bought our first truck from Stoops Freightliner, we experienced firsthand how professional Jeff Jones was, and how his commitment followed through after we signed on the dotted line. When the time came to purchase our next truck in the class 8 market, we wanted to work with someone who had an excellent proven track record. Since we were extremely satisfied not only with the quality of the service, but the first truck, we once again chose Stoops Freightliner,” she continued. “Jeff Jones is constantly educating himself and advising his customers with information and statistics on new products to improve the customer’s bottom line and so they can make educated decisions on spec’ing new equipment and be successful.”

“Jeff is not only expert on how to spec the drive train components in expediting trucks, he goes beyond the basics and is extremely knowledgeable about frame, body, sleeper, box and lift gate. He can provide knowledge on the total package for expediting,” said Bob Caffee, a long-time mechanic before entering trucking. “He is a valuable asset to both new people coming into expediting and experienced expediters in how to set up the equipment to be successful. He understands the expedite business, freight, and the needs of the drivers, combining all aspects to provide not only a truck that can do the job, but that also offers the comfort needed for the drivers for the long periods required to live in the truck.”

“Part of what we like about Stoops Freightliner and Jeff Jones is that no detail is too small for them to address. For instance, we wanted full owner operator packages with all the gauges, not just the few found in company trucks, and vinyl flooring in the cab for ease of cleaning, but hard wood flooring in the sleeper to make entering the sleeper feel like coming home.” Linda said.

“We stepped outside of the box with this truck and went with some new technology for both Stoops and us. On the 2015 truck, we are going to have disc brakes; direct drive automated DT 12-speed transmission, and wide-base tires installed direct from the factory. We had to put the the tires on aftermarket previously. We are also trying some new safety equipment: the On Guard System collision mitigation system which is hooked up to the cruise control, and will slow the truck automatically when approaching slower vehicles to lessen quick lane changes; and orange seatbelts for better visibility by officials to lessen the chance of them not seeing that the seatbelt is being used from a distance.” Bob said.

He continues, “This truck is a kind of test truck for Stoops Freightliner and Jeff Jones: many first-time systems are being installed. Stoops Freightliner and Jeff will use data provided by us to be able to better serve their future customers.”

Bob says the nicest thing about working with Jeff Jones of Stoops Freightliner is that once you start the purchase process working with Jeff Jones and Stoops Freightliner, you become not only a customer, but also a friend. “Jeff will call just to touch base and visit along with making sure everything is going smooth for you after you have bought the truck. By working with Stoops Freightliner, we not only get a great truck the way we want it, and great customer service, but also we gained a friend in Jeff Jones.”

See both of the Caffee’s trucks, a 2012 Class 8 Cascadia and the new truck, a 2015 a Class 8 Cascadia Evolution with a dry box at the Expedite Expo in Wilmington Ohio July 25th and 26th at the Roberts Convention Centre. Be sure to peek into the sleepers of both trucks at the specially designed sleeper décor!

For more information on Stoops Freightliner please call 800.899.1533 or email


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