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B Unit Summer Solutions!

By Lee Kurtzmann
Posted Sep 30th 2002 2:27PM

That's not a problem when driving, but those long hours on a layover in a parking lot with the truck idling can be costly at any time, especially with the current fuel prices, not to mention the possibility of overheating.

Also, many people are reluctant to leave the truck engine running when trying to get to sleep, particularly with a gas engine.

Wouldn't it be great to have a nice breeze flowing through the van even with the windows up most of the way and the doors locked? Well, that's where the roof vent comes in.

Short of leaving the windows down a poor security choice) and an industrial air mover pushing a breeze over the overheated driver, a roof vent, particularly a model with a built-in fan, can be the difference between comfort and misery.

An expediter friend of ours who runs in a B unit tells us that since he installed his fan equipped vent he figures he's cut his idle time by more than half, using his A/C only during the hottest times of the day.

In the case of the fan equipped vents, they are a relatively light amperage draw, so draining the truck battery won't be a problem. Being quite affordable for the heat relief they provide, the roof vents are also simple to install, well within the abilities of the average do-it-yourselfer.

These vents are available in a variety of styles and types including Basic vent, manual open/close Basic vent, with single speed fan Power operated open/close with wired remote with fan and lights Thermostatically controlled with multi-speed/reversible fan Some vents are available with rain sensor which will close the vent in a heavy downpour and open again automatically when rain stops

An online search and phone calls to local dealers in our area resulted in prices from as low as $22.95 for the basic models up to $279.00 for the top of the line vents.

A wide variety of roof vents are available at RV dealers in most areas, with installation available for the not-so-handy with tools. A great selection is also offered online at the web sites listed below:

JC Whitney RV/Motor home pages - Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Magic Touch RV's  - Vents and Trim pages

Tom Raper RV 1-877-301-3778 - Parts (Web site does not currently display parts pages)


Ventline -

Fan-Tastic Vent -

So turn off that power hungry air conditioning, pop the vent open, and let the cool breezes flow through the van! (Hopefully)


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