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You Got to Know When to Hold'Em

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted May 27th 2022 8:00AM

Believe it or not, the 2022 Expedite Expo is just around the corner. As preparation continues and folks are gearing up for another year of expedited exhibition, let’s not forget just what type of fun has been counted on year-in and year-out at the Expo.

First of all, a reminder of what the Expedite Expo is and why its continuance is so important to the expedite industry. The Expo is the only event to exclusively focus on the expedited trucking industry. People love to come and learn about the newest trucks, career opportunities with expedite carriers, and products geared specifically to owner operators and drivers of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks.

And then there’s the good times and fun, highlighted by our Casino Night on Friday, July 15th from 7–10pm. It’s a night filled with beverages to imbibe and loads of prizes and giveaways to walk away with. Last year’s prizes totaled $5,000! And this year’s Casino Night is sponsored by the fine folks at Hyfield Trucking.

Know When to Hold ‘Em

The first rule of Expo Casino Night is everyone is encouraged to talk about Casino Night. Seriously, make plans to tell all your friends, relatives and co-workers about it! The more the merrier!

This Expedite Expo event is guaranteed to provide you with a real casino experience, complete with Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold ’em and a DJ!

You won’t be holding ‘em for long because there’s no cost to play, as FunBucks and casino chips will be provided for everyone who wants to try their luck at the tables. Even non-gamblers, such as I, can find hours of enjoyment and camaraderie as elbows are rubbed between drivers and industry executives, recruiters and sales reps, operations folk and dispatchers.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

The only folding you’ll be doing is when you fold yourself into a seat at the table. Cozy up next to an old truckin’ buddy or make new friends and connections while trying your hand at the Roulette wheel.

Show your adventurous side, but not your hand, when you double-down at the Texas Hold ’em table. A word of advice, though, you never count your FunBucks when you’re sitting at the table. Trust me, there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.

Know When to Walk Away

The nice thing is you’re welcome to come and go as you please throughout the evening, just make sure you have someone saving a seat in case you’ve stepped away from the winner’s table. Which is YOUR table, of course!

But if you’re going to walk away from all this winning, make sure you pick up the pace and turn that walk into a run because… 

Know When to Run

You’ll want to sprint to the Casino Night After Party, Vegas-style! We’ll be joined and entertained by Las Vegas DJ’s DJ J Bray and Michael Toast who’ll be spinning a mix of fantastic party music to keep the house jumpin’ until the clock strikes midnight!

The After Party will also be sponsored by those party animals at Hyfield Trucking and, of course, there will be additional opportunities to get your hands on more terrific prizes. So be sure to pack your lucky rabbit’s foot and dancin’ shoes because this year’s Casino Night and After Party will be a good time you won’t want to miss!

See you at the Expo!

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