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Working Together: All-State Express & Expediter Services - Creating Opportunities For Success & Truck Ownership

By Greg Thompson - Contributing Writer
Posted Jul 7th 2017 4:56PM

Over his 23 years working as an executive in the transportation industry, Mark Patterson has built a respected reputation as a leader who possesses the vision necessary to strengthen and grow companies. Last year, when All-State Express chose Patterson to oversee day-to-day operations as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the North Carolina-based expedited transportation provider sought to leverage his brand of proven expertise that could drive growth through the entire organization.

Patterson, who had served as a consultant for All-State Express during the two years prior to his executive appointment in 2016, was familiar with the excellent team of professionals in place at the company and their desire to expand and explore opportunities available within the marketplace. He knew that All-State Express was well-positioned as a leading premium transportation provider for expedited ground shipments in the Southeastern U.S.

Having worked closely with owners Sherri and Spencer Squier over the years, Patterson understood their dedication to being a client-first organization. He also valued the fact that All-State holds the distinction of being one of the nation’s largest transportation providers within the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), with Sherri Squier as the majority stockholder.

“Getting the opportunity to manage companies and their fleets to help them realize their potential is one of the things I enjoy most about working in the trucking industry,” explained Patterson. “I have been familiar with All-State going back to 2005. I have always respected how Sherri and Spencer have built their business, and I had an opportunity to do some consulting with the company before joining them last year.

“Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the leading carriers in transportation, and All-State has the types of opportunities for miles that professional drivers need in today’s trucking industry to achieve real success,” he added. “If you look at All-State’s mix of freight, our customer base, and our capabilities as an expedited transit carrier, those translate into solid miles and great revenue opportunities for contract drivers and owner-operators.”

As Patterson is quick to note, All-State’s operation is a 100-percent independent contractor fleet, which is largely tractor-based. From his years of experience, Patterson is acutely aware that growing a fleet utilizing independent contract drivers and owner-operators can be challenging – even when featuring the types of opportunities that All-State has available through its broad customer base. 

Growing the All-State Fleet & Providing Opportunities For Miles

In seeking out effective platforms for expanding All-State’s contractor-based fleet, Patterson discovered the Path To Ownership program offered through Expediter Services, the largest provider of capacity and services to the trucking industry’s expedited sector. Patterson had witnessed Expediter Services entry into the market when he served as an executive with Express-1 in the early 2000s.

Last year, as he assumed his leadership role at All-State, Patterson had the opportunity to reconnect with Expediter Services CEO Paul Williams. From those conversations, the two companies began discussing possibilities for collaborating on an initiative that would add contract drivers and owner-operators to the All-State fleet.

“I’ve known Paul Williams and Expediter Services since the early 2000s, and I have great respect for what Expediter Services has built through the years. Having worked in this industry for as long as they have, Expediter Services understands what carriers need,” said Patterson. “Because of Paul Williams’ background in banking and the track record of providing innovative solutions within the trucking industry, ES is able to tailor a program that is specific to the needs of the drivers and carriers working with them.”

The effort that Expediter Services is launching with All-State will be designed to assist Patterson and the All-State team in growing both the solo and team trucks within the fleet. All-State is uniquely positioned within the expedited transit sector as its tractor fleet features 80 percent solo drivers and 20 percent teams.

Patterson noted that, with drivers who manage their time well and make the most of their opportunities, All-State has seen solo tractors that can generate revenues of $14,000 to $15,000 per month, while team tractors can generate up to $35,000 of revenue per month. These were the results seen during the first half of 2017.

“Like any expedited carrier, we can always use more teams, but, with our freight mix, we’ve had a lot of success within our solo tractor fleet,” said Patterson. “What we find is that if solo drivers will position themselves to be available for runs and stay in service, our freight will allow a transit time that fits with a single driver. Solos – especially those who stay on top of everything, make themselves available and communicate – do really well in our organization.

“This is one of the reasons we are excited about what we have put together with Expediter Services because this platform can work well for teams and solos,” added Patterson. “We are putting a strong program in place that will allow professionals who have a desire to become truck owners to learn how to run with us and how to run with Expediter Services. Drivers entering this program will have the support they need to make the most out of an opportunity for truck ownership.”

A Path To Truck Ownership, Business Support & Strong Freight Network

The collaboration between All-State and Expediter Services will not only offer interested drivers access to the financing options at market rates available through the ES Network, but participants will also receive significant discounts on fuel and insurance as well as back office and business support provided by the Expediter Services team.

“I’ve known Mark Patterson for many years, and I have tremendous respect for his leadership abilities and his track record of accomplishment in the transportation industry,” said Paul Williams. “We have enjoyed working with Mark and his team on putting a program in place that we know will create rewarding opportunities for contract drivers and owner-operators.”

“Historically, expedited trucking is a sector of the industry that primarily utilizes team capacity, and that still remains true today. One of the unique features about All-State Express is that they have developed a highly effective expedited transit model with a fleet that is 80 percent solo drivers,” observed Expediter Services President Jason Williams. “We get a lot of interest from people contacting our recruiting department who are looking for solo Class A tractor opportunities, and All-State’s success with solos offers a great option. Above all, we believe what we have put in place with All-State will benefit solo and team drivers entering the program as well as our two organizations.”

As he looks into the future and the growth possibilities for contract drivers and the All-State fleet, Patterson is quick to agree with Jason Williams’ assessment.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what can happen through what we have put into place with Expediter Services,” he said. “We have built a very seasoned team of recruiters from the broader truckload industry. We are confident that we can present Expediter Services with qualified drivers who would like to sign on with All-State, and these drivers can sign on with All-State and Expediter Services at the same time.”

Well-Positioned With A Variety Of Freight Opportunities

Operating primarily within what was once known as the “Eastern 30” with a line from the western edge of Texas up through the western edge of Minnesota, All-State Express features a diversified customer base, and the carrier offers a broad range of services – from expediting to full truckload to logistics solutions.

“We believe that we are positioned to grow, and we are looking to attract professionals who have good driving records and want to make the most out of an opportunity,” said Patterson. “The program that we have in place with Expediter Services offers a great opportunity for success in this industry. We really like the program that Expediter Services has put together for All-State.

“We are very excited for what we think this program can do for our fleet, our growth and the opportunities that we know are available ahead in the expedited time-critical sector of the trucking industry,” he added. “We think that we can grow by 100 semis within our fleet over the next 12 to 18 months by partnering with Expediter Services and by continuing to recruit drivers within the broader trucking industry.”

When asked to put the program that Expediter Services is offering into perspective in terms of the opportunities it provides, Patterson, calling on his many years in the transportation industry, shared the following observations:

“In my experience in the industry, I have to say the platform Expediter Services has put into place with the opportunities for ownership is unique. The access they have to capital, especially in regard to tractors, is at a whole new level. We are very excited to be a part of that. We are looking forward to working with Expediter Services and all the professional drivers who will to be taking advantage of this new program. In working together, I believe that we will be able help create strong futures for everyone involved.”

To learn more about the opportunities being offered by All-State Express and Expediter Services, send an email to the ES Recruiting Department by clicking here. You can also contact Expediter Services toll-free at 877-349-9303.


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