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Women In Trucking celebrates first anniversary

By Trucking Info
Posted Mar 12th 2008 3:51AM

Women In Trucking, a non-profit organization created to encourage the employment of women and assist in promoting a more female-friendly environment in the trucking industry, celebrated its one year anniversary and hit the milestone of 1,000 corporate and individual members.

"Our rapid growth confirms what we've known all along," said Ellen Voie, WIT chairwoman, "that an association like this was long overdue! With a very active board combined with enthusiastic members we firmly believe we can make a difference in the trucking industry. One of our goals when we started WIT a year ago was to have 1,000 members before the end of our first year. We've met that goal, and now we hope to double again within the next six months."

   WIT was officially founded on March 12, 2007 as a means encourage women to consider a career in the trucking industry, but to also provide a platform to voice the successes and struggles of those women already in the male-dominated field.

Membership in WIT comes in a variety of forms ranging from corporate to driver and student members. To date, the organization's 1,000 members include people at 80 corporations and 11 trucking schools, as well as 203 drivers, 133 non-driving individuals and 56 students. Nearly 20 percent of the members are men.

"Although encouraging women to consider careers in the trucking industry is one role of WIT," explained Voie, "it's not our only focus. We believe that providing a greater understanding of the special challenges that women face on the road, under the hood or behind the desk will only serve to better the industry."

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