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Women In Trucking Association names Member of the Month

Posted Nov 3rd 2017 12:33PM

CEO Sherri Squier started medical courier business that grew into All-State Express

Women In Trucking Association (WIT) named All-State Express CEO Sherri Squier as its November Member of the Month.

Having begun her career as a nurse, Sherri Squier gained an immediate life or death understanding the urgency of the word “stat.” Moving forward a few years while managing critical care deliveries on behalf of her patients, she quickly realized the same sense of urgency wasn’t often shared by the courier companies she engaged. With a dissatisfaction for the service she was experiencing, Squier did what every other entrepreneurial working woman with no time to waste would do, she started her own delivery company.

“When we started All-State Express, the initial vision was to provide superior service to several major medical facilities within the Triad Region of North Carolina. Quickly word of mouth spread and we were soon the largest medical courier business within the region,” Squier said.

After successfully building the medical courier business, around the turn of the century, Sherri and her husband Spencer, expanded their company into the emerging expedite industry. The same sense of urgency that drove the medical courier business to success also fostered success within the expedite industry. “We didn’t know that much about the automotive industry or just-in-time inventory management, but we knew how to schedule and manage critical transportation shipments,” Squier said.

Today, All-State Express, a SmartWay certified carrier, has a fleet of over 200 units, including semis, cargo vans, sprinter vans and straight trucks offering services throughout the lower 48 along with select portions of Mexico and Canada. All-State Express has been recognized by Inbound Logistics as a “Top 100 Carrier” since 2010, and was recognized as one of the fifty fastest growing companies in the triad area (FAST50) in 2012 and 2013. “If a customer has a critical shipment, then they can rely upon All-State,” said Squier, who still serves as the company’s CEO...



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