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Trump now calls for $1.5 trillion infrastructure package, but funding details remain fuzzy

By James Jaillet -
Posted Jan 31st 2018 10:55AM

President Trump on Tuesday night, in his first State of the Union address, asked Congress to pass legislation that would “generate” $1.5 trillion for spending on highways, bridges and other infrastructure projects. However, like Trump’s calls for high-price-tag infrastructure packages in the past, he seemingly envisions states, localities and the private sector picking up the bulk of that total, instead of the federal government.

The $1.5 trillion total is $500 billion more than Trump’s previous calls for using $200 billion in federal incentives and seed money to drum up funding from states and private investors for infrastructure projects. Trump offered no specifics Tuesday about his infrastructure funding plan, though the White House is expected to release a proposal in the coming weeks.



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