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Teamwork Makes the Trucking Dream Work

By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted Apr 24th 2023 8:00AM


Most drivers tend to prefer the solitude of the open road. Who wouldn’t? You get to take your work with you and make money wherever you go. No one to answer to (other than perhaps dispatch and the Department of Transportation), and you’re touring the countryside while getting paid to do it. What’s not to like about that?

However, as gratifying as driving solo can be, it’s often accompanied by the risk of losing out on extra cash by limiting oneself in earning capability. It’s especially detrimental in the world of expedite, where the miles are lower while the pay is considerably greater. If a team is turning those expedited wheels, the amount of income will exponentially increase.

So, consider the type of teaming that’s available out there and perhaps there’s an option that best fits your requirements.

Teaming as a Couple

Being in a relationship with another person, one whom you love unconditionally, sounds great in theory. However, living and operating in such a small space for weeks on end can sometimes lead to difficult relationship issues. This is something couples should seriously consider before hopping into a truck together.

The most rewarding part of this option is that the revenue generated by keeping the income within the truck’s operating circle, makes adding wealth to the equation so much simpler. The money isn’t being split between two drivers, and it’s usually all going to the same pocket.

However, it may be a good idea to make sure the relationship is strong before deciding to dive into a set-up of this type. Perhaps locking yourself, along with your significant other, in a bathroom for a weekend would be a way to help determine if a relationship can function in such close quarters. Seriously, try it! If it turns out that love triumphs from the weekend bathroom experiment, then teaming together in a truck should be a breeze. Plus, it’ll definitely increase your earning potential.


Another teaming option worthy of consideration is the idea of teaming-up with a best friend and going over-the-road. Like the idea of combining forces with a loved one, a BFF (Best Friends Forever) team can lead to relational complications if not taken seriously. Above all, make sure a friendship (this also includes teaming with a family member, like a cousin or sibling) can survive being in a tight space for weeks on end. If so, the big wheels will keep on turning and your pockets will continue earning.

In this case, though, remember that the revenue generated will indeed be split between two parties. So, it would be a smart move by each member to make sure there’s an agreement between each other before teaming. Regardless, the truck will garner quite an influx of money-making opportunities when there’s a team at the helm. More freight opportunity equals more money!

Making New Friends

Finally, teaming with someone you don’t even know can pose a different type of challenge. Having to learn how to live with another person’s habits can be quite the undertaking, but it may also be the best option to consider if you’re someone who is just getting started in the expedite world. If you’re new to expedite, teaming with someone who has considerably more experience can be a great way to learn the ropes. Plus, you’ll make more money by doubling your miles.

As with the previous suggestion, be sure to have an agreement hammered out before climbing into a truck with someone you don’t know. So long as both parties can agree to splitting the earnings, the amount of experience gained will be even more rewarding in the long run.