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Rigmaster offers cash or coverage program

By The Trucker
Posted Aug 24th 2007 7:19AM

DALLAS — RigMaster Power Corp. has announced a special purchase promotion for its APU.

The Cash or Coverage Purchase Program will offer customers a choice of either a $500 instant rebate or a third-year limited warranty when they purchase a 2007 model APU between now and the end of the year.

The promotion was launched at the Great American Trucking Show here this week along side the introduction of their 2008 product, complete with Tier 4a engine and offering an optional DPF filter.

Available to fleets and owner/operators, the promotion is designed to appeal to everyone; providing customers an option for maximizing their investments and staying profitable for 2007 through reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Customers interested in taking advantage of this special offer can log on to our website at for more program details and redemption coupons.

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