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  • Groups oppose diverting highway funds

    By Jill Dunn -
    Posted Apr 11th 2011 6:43AM
    As Congress prepares its next long-term transportation funding bill, trucking groups have testified before a House su...
  • ATA supports bill to close drug test loophole

    By Overdrive Staff
    Posted Apr 11th 2011 6:39AM
    The American Trucking Associations said April 8 it supports the U.S. Senate Safe Roads Act bill, which would close a ...
  • Truck weight limit increase bill reintroduced in Senate

    By The Trucker News Services
    Posted Apr 8th 2011 6:36AM
    WASHINGTON —Federal truck weight reform legislation, known as the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act (SETA)...
  • Deadline extended for banks to apply for small business lending

    By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer - Land Line
    Posted Apr 8th 2011 6:04AM
    Tight lending conditions have forced many small-business truckers to put costly repairs or expansion plans to their t...
  • NTSB sets truck safety forum

    By Jill Dunn -
    Posted Apr 8th 2011 5:38AM
    Hours of service and electronic onboard recorders are among the topics listed for the National Transportation Safety ...