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Leyman Lift Gates introduces new product

By Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted Aug 22nd 2007 6:44AM

Cincinnati - Leyman Lift Gates has announced the introduction of the new heavy duty large steel platform now available on SLP Heavy Duty Hide-A-Way (Tuck Under Style Lift Gates).

Leyman says that instead of a "one size fits all" approach,this lift gate is offered in two styles, a low bed height version and a high bed height version.  The SLP models are low maintenance, heavy duty steel platform lift gates.  Available lifting capacity is 2500 and 3500 lbs.

According to the company, the SLP Hide-A-Way is virtually maintenance free, featuring greaseless major pivot points.  The power unit provides thermal protection for the motor and chrome plated pins add year to the gate's operational life. 

The SLP Hide-A-Way also features low PSI due to a larger cylinder surface.  The steel motor and pump enclosure ensures that these vital components are well-protected from the elements year round.

Leyman Lift Gates


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