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Internet Truckstop and TIA Announce Exclusive Agreement

By Carol Hill
Posted Feb 26th 2010 2:12AM

Internet Truckstop and the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) jointly launch new marketing program exclusive to TIA Performance Certified members.

Internet Truckstop announced Wednesday the "TIA Performance Certified Diamond Broker Program." Qualifying members receive a special diamond designation attached to each and every load posted at . This designation advertises the quality and size of the Broker's bond, their excellent payment history and their good mane to thousands of trucking companies viewing their load postings.

The TIA is the leading trade association serving the brokerage industry. Internet Truckstop is the industry's largest freight matching service used by more than one million trucks. The TIA provides additional credit and performance data, as well as, a highly visible platform. By combining the two, valuable information about the Broker can be efficiently delivered to the Carrier.

"TIA is very excited that Internet Truckstop recognizes the quality of TIA members and established the TIA Performance Certified Diamond Broker Program," said TIA president Bob Voltman. "In this wide open service industry, it is important for the best companies to stand out from the pack. The TIA Performance Certified Diamond Broker Program will help shippers and carriers quickly recognize the industry's best players," Voltman added. "The blue diamonds will identify quality, guaranteed brokers with bonds from $10,000 to $250,000," Voltman said.

"In this challenging marketplace, carriers need the reassurance that they are dealing with the most financially stable brokers in the market. The Blue Diamond Program acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond to provide more security to its carriers."
--Geoff Turner of Choptank Transport Inc. / Choptank Freight Lines, LLC

Additional information is available by calling Joe Foxall at 866-812-9675 or email: [email protected]