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Fitness that Fits the Expediter Lifestyle

Fitness that Fits the Expediter Lifestyle

By Sean M. Lyden, Staff Writer
Posted May 11th 2015 9:00AM

The expediter lifestyle is not conducive to routine -- and that makes it hard to carve out a regular schedule for fitness.

You might even be thinking: Is a healthier life even possible in trucking? Is my health just the cost of doing business as an expediter?

After all, according to a survey of truck drivers produced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2014, the prevalence of obesity afflicts over two-thirds of drivers, more than double the rate of the national working population.

Where do you find the strength and guidance to make the lifestyle changes you need to beat the statistics?

Look for role models and experts who can show you the possibilities for healthy living as a trucker and provide a practical roadmap to get there.

To help you get started, we've compiled three video resources below that provide the inspiration and information you need that can literally transform your life (and business) as an expediter.

Siphiwe Baleka
Changing Lanes: Fitness Trucking on Fox Sports Live

A former competitive swimmer for Yale University, Siphiwe Baleka eventually sought to become a truck driver to experience the freedom to travel the country. But it didn't take long for the trucking lifestyle to take its toll on his health, as he quickly gained over 10 percent of his body weight.

Baleka has since applied the lessons learned as an elite athlete to take control of his health -- and help other truckers get healthier, as well. Today, he is known as "the Fittest Driver in America," and his mission is to "make the unhealthiest occupation in America into one of the healthiest."

Bryan Celestine
How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle as a Truck Driver

After being a driver for nearly four years, Bryan Celestine's weight got up to 291 lbs. In this video, Celestine talks about the lifestyle changes that enabled him to lose nearly 80 pounds within a year (as of film time in 2014).

He also shares some details on exercises that have worked for him, including building up to 45 minutes of cardio (such as running and jump rope workouts) five days per week, which he often does during his hours of service breaks.

The Healthy Trucker: 4-Step Simple Cardio

This video gives you a taste of some of the workouts you can do, when you have limited time and limited access to exercise equipment. It's produced by The Healthy Trucker, an online resource that provides articles and videos from experts who offer real-world advice on exercise, nutrition, money management, and overall personal development.

You can also subscribe for their free e-newsletter to receive weekly tips on truck driver exercises, healthy eating, and staying motivated.


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