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FedEx Freight, FedEx National LTL to increase rates

By eTrucker
Posted Jan 3rd 2008 2:44AM

FedEx Freight will implement a 5.48 percent general rate increase effective Jan. 14. Additionally, FedEx National LTL will implement a commensurate increase for its general rates. Rates for other operating companies within FedEx Corp., specifically FedEx Express and FedEx Ground, are not affected.

The increase will apply to interstate and intrastate traffic, as well as certain shipments between the United States and Mexico and Canada. Various additional adjustments will include minimum and accessorial charges, as well as adjustments in fuel surcharges and select lanes and service areas.

After Jan. 14, the new base rate and rules tariffs for FedEx Freight will be available at Also, new base rates and rules tariffs for FedEx National LTL will be available at Customers may access rate quotes via these sites.

FedEx National LTL was created in September 2006 when FedEx acquired the business assets of the former Watkins Motor Lines.

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