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Express-1 wins 2007 NLM Coverage Support Award

By Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted Mar 4th 2008 3:54PM

DETROIT - In recognition for outstanding performance and customer service in 2007, Express-1 (AMEX:XPO) has won the Coverage Support Award presented by NLM ( as part of the third annual Carrier Excellence Awards.

NLM, a leader in the logistics management industry, bases the awards on criteria and performance ratings generated from its Carrier Excellence Program, which the company established to ensure the highest carrier standards and increase its network’s experience base and overall competitiveness of the shipping industry. NLM presented Express-1 with the award at a ceremony held on February 28, 2008 in Livonia, Mich.

NLM, a non-asset based logistics management provider for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical/oil, construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, technology and utilities brands, works in partnership with more than 950 ground, air freight and air charter carriers to manage shipments.

The company’s Carrier Excellence Program outlines expectations that NLM and its customers hold as the most important factors of outstanding service quality. NLM applies a point system based on cost and quality to each carrier and shares this “scorecard” of results with customers and carriers each month.

NLM recognized its best performers in the following areas: Overall Carrier Excellence, On-Time Performance, Coverage Support, Increased Participation and Dispatcher of the Year.

The Coverage Support Awards in particular are given to carriers that provide a solution to NLM on shipments where equipment capacity constraints exist. These are known as the go-to carriers in NLM’s network. This year’s Coverage Support Awards were presented to Express-1 and SMF Inc. for their efforts to providing a wide range of viable delivery options to successfully complete these more challenging shipments.

“This Coverage Support Award from NLM is the gold medal for hard work and ingenuity. Providing solutions is our mission and part of our name. This is a great achievement for our employees and VP’s,” said Jeff Curry, President of Express-1.

NLM established the Carrier Excellence Program in 2004, taking great pride in motivating its network of carriers to perform at the highest standards and provide customers with the most outstanding level of service.


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