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Expediting Entertainment

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted Jun 3rd 2022 8:00AM

“If the check cashes, I’m good with it,” says longtime V3 Transportation driver and owner operator, Tommy Owens. And he’s been cashing in regularly since becoming the counted-on professional driver of some of the most heavily attended live concerts over the past five years or so.

Bringing His Best for the Bands

Tommy has hauled equipment and goods for some pretty heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. From KISS and Guns N’ Roses to J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Bad Bunny, Tommy has been the go-to driver that V3 Transportation knows can be relied on time and time again.

Most recently Owens has been travelling with merchandise for JXDN, an artist who started on TikTok and rose to the ranks of professional singer and touring performer in 2020. Smaller venues seem to be the most common route that Tommy has taken when it comes to catering for the musically gifted and talented, though there have been times he’s had the opportunity to hit some of the bigger concert halls like Madison Square Garden, The Barclays Center, and Boston Garden. And let’s not leave out the vaunted Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

The current trip Tommy is on with JXDN has him at a smaller club in Chicago, and he’ll be continuing with the entertainment runs throughout much of the rest of the year. That includes a tour in which his black Western Star and expertise was specifically requested.

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

“I was personally asked to be on The Stadium Tour for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison.” Says Owens, who will cover that show through the course of this summer from June until September.

When asked about his preference when it comes to the type of venue or artist he enjoys hauling for, Tommy states it doesn’t really matter to him. He says, “some of the people you deal with are really nice, good people. Others I don’t care for.” He adds, “I do like the smaller venues, though, like bars and clubs. It makes things feel more personal.”

Follow That Band

Owens has hauled concert goers’ merchandise for V3 Transportation all across North America, even crossing the border into Canada where he’s set up shop in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec.

Mostly, Owens is pleased to be considered for these entertainment runs. He not only feels respected by his constituents at V3, but also enjoys the fact that his peers know he’ll be there when his number is called.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have bigger plans or ideas regarding his future. “I’m an owner operator, this is my truck. Maybe someday I’ll put some money into a small fleet of trucks and focus the efforts of those trucks on concert series’ runs like I’m doing now.”

But for the moment, Tommy is happy to represent V3 Transportation as he continues to get high praise and steady work from the expediting entity. Since starting with the company and hauling some early merchandise loads with the NFL and UFC, the concert runs are where his bread is buttered. “Like I said, if the check cashes, I’m good with it.”

Keep cashing those checks, Tommy.

Until next time,

Brandon Scott