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ELD-Day: On the ground with enforcement in Kentucky as truckers, officers adjust to new logs reality

By Todd Dills -
Posted Dec 19th 2017 10:25AM

Northbound on I-65 coming out of the Nashville, Tenn., Cherokee Marine Terminal, trucker David Bell had a feeling he was going to get pulled in by the Kentucky State Police at their scale just across the state line in Simpson County near Franklin, Ky. Why? Because “I came by here today without an ELD,” Bell noted, though he hasn’t been even keeping a logbook very often over the last year, hauling the second truck in a two-truck owner-operator operation leased to Aetna Freight Lines of Ohio.

Bell’s typical three trips between the river terminal, hauling steel on a flatbed with a Conestoga-type set-up, and Bowling Green, Ky., keep him within the 100 air mile short haul exception to the hours of service. The only time he’s required to keep a logbook is on the occasion he runs out of Nashville to Memphis, which might happen twice a month, three times at most.



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