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Bolt Express Celebrates Millionth Shipment in 2018

By Contributing Writer
Posted Feb 7th 2019 11:06AM

Bolt Express, an expedited shipping company, completed its one millionth shipment.

The company, which provides freight transportation services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, also completed a record year or sales and activity in 2018.

Jeff Weis, chief financial officer for Toledo, Ohio-based Bolt Express, has been a member of the Bolt team since the company was founded in 2001. "This is a great accomplishment for all of our employees and drivers," Weis said. "What makes this so special is that we have stayed true to our plan for aggressive, yet controlled growth that emphasizes customer service, employee satisfaction, and safety on the road."

Weis added that all of the company's team members should be very proud of meeting the milestone.

Bolt Express now has more than 155 employees and 550 drivers. Nancy Disbrow, director of human resources for Bolt Express, said the company's success is due to its employees' commitment to the company's values.

"Technical skills are important at Bolt but the driving force behind our success has been our practice of hiring individuals who approach their job with an entrepreneurial spirit but also understand the importance of working as a team," Disbrow said. "These employees are always positive; they're motivated to learn and looking for an opportunity for grow with our organization."

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