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Be a Utility Infielder

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted Aug 16th 2022 8:00AM

When getting started in a new job a lot of people take the route of just wanting to learn the role they were hired for. If you’re hired to answer phones, you’d make sure to learn that role and then that’s it. If you’re brought into a company to process paperwork, or maybe you’re a sales or tech specialist, then that’s what you do. Focus on the task at hand.

But some folks out there excel at more than just one thing, which makes them more indispensable than the ones who are only masters of one craft. Please keep in mind, there’s no reason to call out anyone who is just doing their job. Those folks and their skillsets matter, too.

Jack of Some Trades

When dipping your toes into the waters of expedite freight, it’s encouraged to go into the new situation with an open mind. As has been discussed on many an occasion, hauling expedite freight is worlds different than your typical over-the-road gig. So why wouldn’t someone want to learn all they can with such a blossoming opportunity?

Learning each nuanced possibility within the expedite realm will keep drivers up to snuff with what’s going on around them. Having an understanding that some areas of the country are better for expedite freight than other areas, this is an education that is best reached through experience. Sometimes a driver might pick these lessons up from someone else, perhaps another driver who is just slightly more seasoned. But that’s precisely why conversations around the truck stop countertop are had. To pass along information, to learn from someone else’s experience, and to dole out your own brand of wisdom when it’s asked for.

Becoming an individual who knows how to do most things well, but also one who knows how to do a few other things exceptionally well, is a key to succeeding in this industry.

Master of Other Trades

It’s also more than okay for a driver to become a so-called expert in some things, without having to be great at everything. Again, that’s how growth and education affect people who are trying to be the best they can be. Know your weaknesses and know your strengths. Learn what you’re best at and pass along what you know to the next driver. And the things you’re not exceptionally great at, keep working at them until you’re serviceable. When your moment comes to stand-out and shine, you’ll be able to perform your task(s) admirably.

But that’s what’s great about being the utility infielder for your company, your truck, or your partnership. Knowing how to operate and manage in different situations or learning how to properly pre-trip, or accept a load offer, and then passing that knowledge onto the next person. Making yourself indispensable provides opportunities to grow and to see further success.

So, grab a bat, you’re on-deck!