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A Much Better Alternative

By Contributing Writer
Posted Jun 30th 2017 5:17PM

There IS a Much Better Alternative to Financing a Truck

For anyone looking to a finance a new or used truck, you've probably noticed there's a lot of information in the media and online about preparing for a loan, truck pricing, down payment and even lifestyle advice leading up to and becoming an owner. Unfortunately, much of this information is narrow in scope at its best, and grossly inaccurate at its worst. It truly doesn't tell the whole story or give the entire picture when it comes to buying a truck.

We're here to bring you the good news that there is a much better alternative to the "traditional" thoughts and avenues of financing, equipment sourcing and even lifestyle choices to help you on your path to ownership.

The alternative we're talking about is the MBA or Much Better Alternative to truck finance offered by Expediter Services. The MBA helps prospective truck owners through innovative finance options found nowhere else in the marketplace. According to Expediter Services CEO, Paul Williams, the program is a game changer in the industry, addressing and overcoming many of the erroneous thoughts and traditional hurdles encountered by prospective owners. “Expediter Services believes that every driver should have a chance at ownership if they desire. We take this concept out of the abstract and make it real,” said Williams. “The MBA or Much Better Alternative is our way of letting people know that we’re not the everyday financing option. We break the mold of traditional financing because we take non-traditional factors into account when it comes to buying a truck.”

Expediter Services is the Only Company that Offers a Much Better Alternative for prospective owners by taking into account the following non-traditional lending factors:

  • ES takes your work history and productivity into account when it comes to financing a truck,
  • ES takes your work history and productivity into account when it comes to down payment requirements
  • ES welcomes 1st time buyers
  • ES welcomes non-homeowners
  • ES has market competitive rates for the entire spectrum of loan applicants
  • ES offers proven support programs through Expediter Management Services to help you succeed

The above factors help the prospective owner overcome obstacles, greatly improving a successful outcome for owners.

To further broaden the truck financing viewpoint and overcome inaccurate information, Williams touched on a number of other subjects important to anyone needing financing. (see below)

Truck Costs & Down Payment Requirements -- An Expediting straight truck will range from $50,000 (for a used truck) up to $300,000 for a fully equipped refrigerated new truck. Down payments on these trucks range from $0 to 20% down. (See Expediter Services MBA program for more information)

Expenses and Lifestyle -- Everyone's goal when they become an owner should be to better the lifestyle for you and your family. You should make wise decisions when choosing equipment and a Carrier. ES has programs and support that help a new owner get the most out of their earnings, mitigating much of the unknowns associated with truck ownership.

Cash Reserves -- You need to be as frugal as you can (just like any business owner). It's helpful to be involved in a community where you have support, so you never stand alone.

Purchase the truck that's right for you -- It's important to acquire the right truck that fits your situation, lifestyle and business goals. Factors for purchasing a truck may include extended stays on the road, requiring a custom sleeper unit. These considerations can often mean the difference between success and failure.

If you are in the market for a new or low mileage truck and want information about Expediter Services MBA (Much Better Alternative) to truck finance, call the ES team at 877-349-9303 or visit


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