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6 Free Resources to Help You Make More Money in Expediting

By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted Jul 29th 2019 10:20AM

We live in one of the greatest times to be alive when it comes to free resources available to succeed in business.

And that’s especially true when it comes to the expedited trucking business. With free events, education, and online communities, there’s no shortage of opportunities to help you grow.

But what are those free resources? Here are six to check out.

#1. Expediters Online (Open Forum)
When you’re traveling in a truck, away from home for several weeks at a time, it’s easy to feel isolated. So, where can you go to find support from people who know what you’re going through and can offer smart advice on challenges you might be facing?

This is where the EO Open Forum comes in.

By joining the EO community, you can post questions to the entire community or communicate directly with specific members through private message.

Perhaps you have specific challenges you’d like help with. Tap into the wisdom of the community to help point you in the right direction.

If you’re not already a member, create an account at

#2. Social Media
You can also find active expediter communities on social media, such as these Facebook groups:

If there are useful social media groups and communities not included here, please share them in the comments below.

#3. Youtube
In recent years, successful expediters have taken to Youtube to share their stories, lessons learned, and business advice while they are out on the road. Here are a few Youtube channels to check out if you haven’t already done so:

Any channels you recommend for the expedite community? Please share them in the comments below.

#4. Podcasts
We live in an era where there's a wealth of industry news and business education available on our smartphones that we can listen to anywhere at any time. And with good podcasts, you can turn your truck into a rolling university and MBA program—for free.

Not sure where to get started with podcasts? Try these.

Trucking-specific podcasts:

Business/ entrepreneurship podcasts to help you become a more effective business owner:

#5. Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
This is a valuable resource that too few people take advantage of. You get access to business consulting and coaching for free (subsidized by tax dollars, funded in part by the Small Business Administration).

Many SBDCs have worked with truckers. But they also offer outside-the-industry perspective that can be helpful to you. For example, your SBDC advisor can help you develop your business plan and build financial projections so that you can determine whether you can realistically succeed in your expedite business before you get too far into it. And as you get your business off the ground, your SBDC advisor can help hold you accountable to working your business plan and be there for you as a "sounding board" as you encounter various challenges.

SBDCs are hosted by local universities and state economic development agencies, staffed by business counselors who have expertise in specific areas of business, such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing and business planning. To find your nearest small business development center, go to

#6. Expedite Expo
Expedite Expo is an annual two-day industry event held in July at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne, In.

The Expo is over for 2019, but we are already planning for next year. Mark your calendars for July 17 & 18, 2020.

In addition to being able to check out the latest trucking equipment and meet trucking carriers and fleet owners who are looking to hire folks like you, there are numerous educational workshops taught by industry veterans and experts to help you answer any questions you might have on how to succeed in expedited trucking.

And here's the kicker: Registration is free!

Visit for details coming soon!

The Bottom Line
If you’re struggling in the expedite business—or just want to make more money than you are today—commit the time to capitalize on each of these free resources.