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Driver Lifestyles

You Might Be an Expediter if...

By Lee Kurtzmann-Associate Editor
Posted Sep 25th 2002 2:56PM

You Might Be An Expediter If...

1. You have a reserved parking spot at the Detroiter.

2. They know you on a first name basis at the Ohio state turnpike Toll Booth

3. When the French fries machine in the Burger King beeps, you run to your truck.

4. You've been asked more than a 50 times on the CB, "Hey, expediter truck! Y'all make any money in them little trucks?"

5. You own more than three deep-cycle marine batteries.

6. You have spent at least 1 Thanksgiving at Canadian Customs.

7. You can remember your dispatch phone number but not your own.

8. You've spent so much time in Canada that you end every sentence with, "Eh?"

9. You can spot a satellite dome in the oncoming traffic from a half-mile away.

10. You now have a permanent limp from the weight of three nationwide pagers, a QC pager and two cell phones.


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