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Driver Lifestyles

What Do You Want On Your Next Truck?

By Lee Kurtzmann-Associate Editor
Posted Sep 25th 2002 3:45PM

Well, with that thought in mind, Expediters gathered some comments from expediters in the truck stops, and allowed them to submit their wish lists in print:

Jim B, D unit, says "I spec'd this unit pretty carefully when I ordered it, and got it pretty well the way I wanted, but coming from driving a van, I didn't realize the importance of AIR RIDE! Next time!

John and Billie Ramsey, drivers for a D unit owner say, "Double Bunks - we enjoy the togetherness, but not all the time! There are many times when one of us wants to stretch out and read, and the other wants to watch TV, and it gets kind of tight in that small space. Our owner has promised us a condo size unit in about a year or so, I guess we'll have to live with it until then. Oh yeah, and a microwave."

Bud and Alex, team in a D unit, complain "A Real Sleeper! - Our truck is one of those with the front part of the box sealed off, with double bunks. The heat never makes it back there, and neither does the a/c. It's got very little insulation, so you can hear everything from outside - very noisy! The crawl thru is small, and the seal between the box and cab leaks. We've already told our owner, we get what we want next time, or we're gone!"

Phil Parchell, pickup w/cap, tells us, "a van - Before I got into this business, I talked to a few drivers, and one convinced me that he gets by just fine with his pickup; it's comfortable, cheap, etc. I'd like to catch him again out here!  I've found there's not room to sleep, no storage space, etc. I'm starting to take it home after every load because I can't stomach another night in this thing."

Bob Lincoln, B unit, has just a few items on his list, "Air, Cruise, Tilt, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Rear Heat and Air, maybe one of those van sleeper setups, some insulation, TV/VCR, Hot Tub. (OK, maybe not the last one, but you said it was a wish list) I went cheap when I got this van, and I've been paying the price for it. I value my comfort, so next time, I get what I need."

Bob and Rachel Thomas, E unit, say, "We've been doing this for a number of years, in conventional trucking for 15 years before getting into expediting 6 years ago, so we know pretty much what we want in a truck. We order all the bells and whistles, and when the manufacturers come out with something new, we put that on the list for the next one. Our best investment has been the microwave, cutting down the food costs. We own another tractor that's setup like this one, with a husband/wife team and they love it."



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