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Picnic In The Park: Express-1 Feeds The Multitudes

By Jeff Jensen
Posted Jul 27th 2002 4:00AM

everything1052a.jpgSummertime usually means picnic time, and Express-1 went picnicking on Saturday, July 13.

Kicking off around 11:00 am under beautiful blue skies, the Express-1 company picnic took place in McCoy Creek Park in the small town of Buchanan, MI.

The neat, well-groomed park featured plenty of open space for walking or just tossing a football around. The children in attendance made sure that the swings and playground equipment got a workout, as well as enjoying the face painting provided by a clown.

The adults occupied themselves with horseshoes, volleyball and other "grown-up" stuff including serving as the "victims" in the very popular dunk tank. Bill Welch of Express-1 Driver Relations was an early volunteer and was kept in the water by a large group of happy kids.

The children also claimed a victory when a little girl named Ashley defeated the vice president of IT, Joe Campbell, in what was described as a hard-fought Hula Hoop contest.

Michael Ruelle, Human Resources Manager of Express-1 says, "The turnout was larger than we expected, but we were glad to have so many of our contractors, employees and their families attend! Because of the success of this year's event, we're already making plans for next year's picnic; we've learned some lessons from this one, and we'll apply them to 2003's event."

"We ran out of some food items, but we made a few runs to the store and everything was under control!"

On the subject of food; Express-1 had the event catered with a whole hog roast (pulled pork with barbeque or hot sauce seemed to be very popular), sausage and chicken.

Volunteer company chefs provided the baked beans, greens, potato salad and other goodies, all of it very tasty. It's been reported that the assembled throng went through the entire supply of fresh pork, just more evidence that expediting works up an appetite.

Express-1 had even procured the services of a Disc Jockey who provided a party atmosphere with music, trivia contests and announcements.

"I think the picnic was a great success and we're looking at expanding it," says Express-1 President Mike Welch. "We were very happy with turnout; it was one of the most enjoyable outings we've ever had and the great weather was a blessing."

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