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Driver Lifestyles

  • Trends in Expedited Truck Sleepers

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Apr 12th 2007 4:05AM
    ***image1***Jon Mosier of Freightliner of Knoxville, TN says, "One of the changes that we've seen in the industry is the
  • Meet Greg Geronsin

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Mar 23rd 2007 3:08AM
    Geronsin tells us of the differences in expedite vs. general trucking: "In expedite, the freight is different. First,
  • My Favorite Layover Places

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Mar 12th 2007 12:51PM
    "My favorite layover places". That could take in a number of cities, but for most expediters it means the area out of
  • The Nightime Thief

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Feb 22nd 2007 3:17AM
    During the apneic event, the person is unable to breathe in oxygen and to exhale carbon dioxide, resulting in low levels
  • Expedite Trucking Lessons I've learned

    By An old expediter
    Posted Feb 19th 2007 6:31AM
    I had never considered driving professionally before, but I got my CDL, and began my career in the expediting business.