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Driver Lifestyles

Heard Any Good News Lately?

By Jeff Jensen
Posted May 3rd 2002 4:00AM

Well, now you can! Hear good news that is, 3 times weekly on the Dave Nemo Radio Network!
Introducing: "EO News Break!"

This 3-1/2 minute program, produced by On Time Media, LLC and, debuts this week on the Dave Nemo Radio Network.

The Dave Nemo show is not only broadcast on a nationwide basis, but is also carried on XM Satellite Radio on channel 168 - the Truckers Channel.

Web Information
The Dave Nemo Radio Network Homepage

For the first time, the hard working owner/operators and drivers in the business of expedited freight will be able to access news and information about their industry over the air waves, along with road news, business tips and information to help them in their profession.

EO News Break will air on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 3:30 AM CST.


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