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Small Company Making Big Waves

By Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted May 25th 2022 8:00AM

Pinnacle Freight Brokers, a small woman/minority-owned company out of Raleigh, North Carolina, has a solution that is bound to perk the eyes and ears of the shipping industry, while potentially ruffling a few feathers along the way. But sometimes causing a stir is the sure-fire way to not only make your mark in this industry, but also to inject some much-needed positivity into the veins of the transportation landscape.

Crystal Mwaura, CEO of Pinnacle Freight Brokers, a company that offers brokering services as well as long-haul and expedited freight options, has devised a solution to help alleviate some of the financial pain being felt by shipping companies and their consumers. With the continued rise of fuel prices, shipping costs have also increased. Which puts the burden of shelling out more at the pump, and in the stores, squarely on the shoulders of the paying public.

Broker? We’ve Only Just Met Her!

After three years of research, even before the pandemic smacked us all in the face, Crystal is excitedly rolling out her plan to keep smaller companies in the competitive mix. And it couldn’t come at a more critical time.

Typically, a freight broker is contracted by a company that has a need to ship their product somewhere in the country. They’re tasked with finding the cheapest carrier to take the freight and then arrange the shipment from beginning to end. The average broker fee ranges from 15 to 20 percent, sometimes higher. This extra cost is typically passed onto the shipper.

“I’ve watched as shipping companies have increased their prices to cover the cost of higher transportation, which is to be expected,” says Mwaura, adding, “What’s not fair, though, is the fact that the increased fees are largely kept by the brokers and not passed down to their drivers or customers. This, in combination with inflation, rising fuel prices, and depleted aid from the government, is a recipe for failure for small and large companies alike.”

Crystal has seen numerous businesses permanently shut their doors over the past couple years and states she "wants to be the happy medium” that helps keep these companies in business. And if that means thinking outside the box an causing a stir in her own industry, so be it.

What’s the Plan?

Pinnacle Freight Brokers is changing the game by charging a flat shipping rate of $250 over the agreed upon carrier rate, rather than charging companies a rate much higher than the actual cost to ship. This could mean a cost savings of up to 60 percent per shipment for its customers, who can then pass the savings on to consumers.

Mwaura’s plan not only lowers their own shipping fees, but Pinnacle Freight Brokers is also offering transparency by providing the rate confirmation the carrier has agreed to, plus the $250 flat fee. This is in opposition to the typical practice of quoting the customer and then trying to find the cheapest carrier, thus boosting the profits of the broker.

“I’m trying to help small companies stay in business,” Mwaura said, adding “if other brokers won’t do it, I will.” Alleviating the costs being passed down the line to consumers is going to take a brave effort, and Crystal’s company aims to be at the forefront of an attempt to do exactly that.

Be a Part of the Solution

Pinnacle Freight Brokers is offering its new rate without commitment for 30 days to any companies who want to test their services and see how much they are saving each month on shipping costs. Pinnacle will provide a US-based staff, extensive screening of all carriers, voice verification of all pickups and deliveries, automated status updates on all shipments, and 24/7 shipping and availability.

Give Pinnacle Freight Brokers a call at 919.926.8598 or visit them on the web at