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Try Hours Expedite announces new compensation program

By ExpeditersOnline
Posted Sep 19th 2008 9:09AM

Maumee, OH   — Try Hours, Inc. a 20-year-old company that

focuses on the just-in-time transportation model, has enhanced

its contractor compensation program.  



Says Try Hours' Mark J. Dieckhoner, "This year has presented

many challenges in our business from freight availability to the

on-going cost of fuel. We have all witnessed a constantly

changing landscape both from companies shutting their doors

to contractors parking their trucks.



"Try Hours has always been proactive as changes occur in our

industry and we continue to make bold commitments to our

contractor base allowing every opportunity for our contractors

to grow and prosper."  



He continues, "In light of all these recent economic challenges,

Try Hours is doing its part to continue our long-standing

tradition of getting behind our contractors and plowing




As of September 2008, Try Hours Straight Truck

owner-operators can advance up to 50% of each load at the

shipper.   Try Hours will charge NO FEE for this advance.   Cargo

Vans and Sprinters are now able to take advantage of this

program with the opportunity to request advances of up to 25%

of each load at the shipper.  



Other enhancements include an east coast surcharge, increased

fuel surcharges, relocation pay, and more.   Dieckhoner says Try

Hours also continues to make significant investments into its

Sales division.   These investments include additional sales

support in ever-expanding territories that not only focus on new

business but also diversification related to non-automotive

freight opportunities.  



Try Hours is aggressively expanding its Straight Truck and

Sprinter fleets.   If a contractor lives in Ohio, Michigan or

Indiana, home time is at a premium.   For drivers who live

outside of this area and just want to work, Try Hours can

certainly accommodate this as well.  



Other benefits related to Try Hours include:


·          Live answer dispatch. (No cumbersome phone system to

deal with).


·          Professionally trained and long-             term dispatchers.

(No turnover).


·          Comdata System.


·          Full-Time Mechanic. (Provides access to various services,

which can be settlement deducted).


·          Family owned and operated.


·          24-Hour Dispatch.


·          A Management Staff with a combined 100+ years



·          Honesty and Transparency.


·          Long-term work relationship.



To learn more about Try Hours and the benefits of partnering

with this company, call 888-957-0400 or send an email request





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