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Carrier Profiles

Spears Transfer and Expediting

By Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted Aug 9th 2007 9:53AM

spears.jpgFounded as a truckload carrier in 1990, Spears Transfer and Expediting of Vandalia, Ohio is a privately-owned company. Its fleet is composed of both company drivers and owner-operators.

Spears is a leading tier one expedited carrier to suppliers of Honda, Chrysler and Toyota.  The company is authorized for all 48 states and Ontario, Canada.  Its primary freight lanes include "north to south on I-75 and I-65 and east to west on I-70 and I-80/90."

Nick Bartlett is Spears' Executive Vice President and has been with the carrier for four years.  

He explains, "Currently, Spears handles primarily automotive freight, but we have moved into transporting shipments for window and glass companies along with corrugated and packaging material manufacturers.  We're also doing quite a bit with production racking haulage." 

Spears has five classes of vehicles:
1. Cargo vans
2. 14' cube vans or Sprinter vans
3. Straight trucks (all sizes)
4. Tractor-Trailer
5. Flatbeds

Barlett says that his company's fleet breakdown is as follows:
24 company-owned tractor-trailers
55 company-owned straight trucks
10 owner-operator straight trucks
25 owner-operator cargo vans
5 owner-operator 14' cube vans and Sprinter vans.

The carrier's dispatch policy is what Bartlett terms as the "Spear's" system. 

He explains, "We combine  a first in, first out procedure with a policy of spreading the work around to balance the drivers' revenue."

Communication between dispatch and trucks is accomplished by cellular phones and the trucks are GPS-equipped.  Future plans call for installing a GPS-based communication system.

Bartlett informs us that Spears drivers enjoy an average length of haul in the 300-500 mile range.  This allows drivers to return home multiple times through the week.  The drivers are typically never on the road for more than 1.5 days.

Keys to success
Bartlett says that the characteristics of a successful Spears driver includes an eagerness to work, along with a professional appearance and demeanor.

"Our customers pay a premium price for premium service, so our drivers have to have a professional attitude, they have to be on time, be cordial to the customer and have equipment that looks good."

"One thing we stress to our drivers is that if you answer your phone and take the load, you will make money.  If you try to be choosy and wait for the perfect load, you'll be waiting all day."

Spears is seeking Class A drivers to fill both company driver and owner-operator positions.  The company has dedicated lanes available for Class A drivers.

When asked how he answers questions from prospective drivers regarding income projections, Bartlett says, "We will pull pay stubs from that vehicle size to demonstrate what our drivers are averaging.  The prospects are quite often pleasantly surprised by the revenue potential available to a hard-worker."

Bartlett adds that dealing with a family-operated carrier has its advantages:  "For driver relations issues, we maintain an open door policy and that extends all the way to the top.  In other words, if the driver still has concerns, there is someone up the ladder who will address those concerns."

"A Spears driver is not just a number with us, but part of our team.  Drivers don't get lost in the shuffle at Spears."

The Spears package
*Sign on bonus
*Weekly settlements
*Extra pickups /drop compensation
*Haz-mat bonus
*99.5% no touch freight
*Fuel card
*Paid orientation
*Medical insurance-visual and dental
*Company drivers receive paid vacation
*Health Savings Accounts for all drivers
*Owner-Operators are able to purchase the same insurance that Spears employees and company drivers enjoy.

Vehicle requirements
-Straight trucks must be equipped with at least a 22' box
-Trucks should be five years old or newer

Spears Transfer and Expediting would like to talk to you!  Owner-Operator and Company Driver positions available now!

Contact Melissa, Spears' Safety and Recruiting Manager at 800 609-0909.

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