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Owner Partner appreciation is a priority at Nations Express, Inc.

By Scott Loftis/Staff Writer
Posted Jan 5th 2012 8:01AM

Ask any truck driver or owner-operator what he would like most from his employer or partner carrier, besides money, and you’re sure to hear the word “appreciation.”

At Nations Express, driver appreciation is not just a slogan but a philosophy.

“Our drivers are appreciated by our entire management team and our sales team,” said Warren Kroll, the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our drivers are respected and well-compensated. We care about our drivers. Our management team has an Owner Partner weekly call list. Each week, we call our drivers. We check on them, we see how they’re doing, we check on their needs and then we act on those needs. We are proactive when it comes to taking care of our drivers and business partners.”

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Nations Express is committed to its drivers and to their safety. In fact, the company’s president, Bill Frazier, said veteran drivers often say Nations Express offers some of the best safety training in the industry.

“We are told by veteran drivers we have one of the best orientation classes in the industry,” Frazier said.  “ We hear this often enough that we know it to be true. Veteran drivers tell us they thought they knew all about safety, they then get to our orientation and feel they really have learned how to be a safer driver. We stress safety, and we stress safety of our Owner Partners.”

Nations Express’ service area covers the entire continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Kroll said the company’s “sweet spot” is east of the Mississippi River. Nations Express is seeking owner-operators for all segments of our business, including sprinters, straight trucks and tractor-trailers.

“We are growing, rapidly expanding,” Kroll said. “An owner-operator and a driver can enjoy a long tenure and positive tenure with Nations. We acknowledge driving a truck is not an easy job. We try to make our Owner Partners' experience with Nations as productive and enriching as possible, we continue to look for ways to enhance our Owner Partners' experience with Nations.”

“Our trucks are equipped with PeopleNet GPS systems and technology,” Kroll said. “We’re in the process of upgrading our PeopleNet systems so that we have the technology to help our Owner Partners achieve the success they deserve.”

“We’re a driver-friendly company,” Frazier said. “We have a full-time Owner Partner advocate that works for the Owner Partners.”

Another advantage to partnering with Nations Express is access to freight, we are growing at a rapid pace and need additional ground capacity. We strive to keep our Owner Partners moving.

Owner Partners can learn more about Nations Express by visiting the company’s website: .

“We’ve just updated our website with new owner-operator information to include applications as well as our driver requirements,” Kroll said. “Interested drivers can contact our Director of Fleet Operations, Paul Wills, at .”


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