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Meet Express Way, Inc.

By Staff Writer
Posted May 27th 2014 4:47AM

"We're exploring some new areas of business. We're growing because of our service and because of the way we treat people. Our primary route to new customers is through existing customer referrals. We understand the importance of expedited freight."

Steve Baisden, President of Saline, MI-based expedited carrier Express Way, Inc. has reason to be proud of his company's continuing growth.

The carrier, founded in 2004, is moving into a new, larger facility and he tells us, "We're planning on a new building here in Saline. The new building will allow us to bring trucks indoors to apply signs as well providing better driver facilities in the form of a drivers lounge."

"We'll be able to organize operations a little better with new offices for dispatch and operations. The new facility will be over double the size of our current location and we need the space!"

Express Way, the focus of an EO Carrier Profile several years ago, is the collaborative effort of three co-owners who, as Baisden explains, "We all share equal "importance" and responsibility."

"There are three partners involved in Expressway - that's my brother Rod, the Vice President who is involved in the operations of the company along with Betty Lossing, the secretary/treasurer and recruiter. I serve as President and handle our sales."

Baisden relates the company's history:
"I owned a vending machine company in metro Detroit and Rod worked with me in the business. He had a trucking background and when an expediting partnership opportunity presented itself in the early '90's, he became involved in that."

"That business continued to grow, so I sold the vending business and joined him at his company. In 2004 we split off from the company and formed Express Way. We had a loyal customer and driver base that followed us to the new company and it took hold very quickly."

Express Way's main operational area is the Midwest, but the carrier is authorized for all 48 states. The company has expanded its coverage and its average length of haul is now around 300-400 miles.

Its fleet is 100% owner-operator based.

"We turn down straight truck loads every day, so we're always looking for owner-operators with those units," says Express Way's President. "We have a high demand for straight trucks and could utilize additional units however, cargo vans are still an integral part of our business and we have a high demand for our cargo van fleet also."

"And," he adds, "a 100% owner-operator fleet means no competition with company-owned trucks."

"We will not overstaff our fleet and cause our current drivers to suffer because we've added too many pieces of equipment."

"We're getting a lot of phone calls from drivers with other carriers and they're telling us that their companies are hiring anyone they can, they've got too many trucks in their fleet and they (the caller) is not running."

Baisden continues, "We're not going to do that to our drivers, the ones who have helped us get to this point. We have a number of drivers who have been with us since the beginning and I think that's due to our open door policy."

"A driver can walk into the office and talk to dispatch, billing and management because we're not afraid to talk to anyone at any time - we actually appreciate and enjoy the opportunity. We like to get the drivers' feedback and hear what they're experiencing out there and how they're doing."

Baisden adds , "We've always maintained an excellent rapport, not only with our customers but with our drivers and dispatchers as well. We've always believed in treating people as we'd like to be treated."

"If a driver wants to stay busy, we can keep him busy. But, we don't hire just anyone, they have to be of a certain caliber and quality of people. Some companies will bring in anybody regardless of history, attitude or appearance, but we're a little different. That may slow our growth a little, but what we have is a good, solid structured growth."

"We're small enough to still have the personal contact with the drivers - they are never just a number."

"We can offer the solo driver a lot of work at Expressway and our dispatch personnel establish a rapport with those drivers. We are a 24/7/365 operation and there is always someone in the office to assist a driver in need."

The benefits of leasing with Express Way, Inc.:
Weekly Settlements
Competitive compensation
Accessorial charges paid to the driver including
Extra Pickups / Drops
Inside Delivery Fee
Deadhead pay available
Company-paid liability and cargo insurance
100% Fuel surcharge paid
No sign on costs
Company paid
(Provided driver remains with company 90 days)
No Qualcomm fees
No Haz-Mat
No forced Canadian loads
Excellent backhaul percentage
One day orientation

Driver Requirements
Minimum Age: 23
Minimum Experience: 1 year
HAZMAT Endorsement: Not required
CDL's only required for vehicles over 26,000 GVW
DWI Restriction: 5 years
Moving Violation Restrictions: 3 years
Previous Accident Restrictions: 3 years
Felony Restrictions: 10 years

Express Way, Inc. is looking for Owner-Operators with newer cargo vans and straight trucks with 22'-24' van bodies.

Recruiting phone number: 888-529-2640

Express Way, Inc. Online Pre-application


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