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Industry Leader Rolls Out Owner Operator Program

By Carol Hill
Posted Jun 22nd 2010 9:00AM

Memphis TN -- June 16, 2010 -- Expediter Services, LLC, the expedited freight industry's largest and most successful fleet owner, is opening its doors to independent owner operators to become part of its innovative new management and support program. After several years of extensive research, the Owner Operator Program was created, which combines some of the industry's deepest discounts with a state-of-the-art web-based communications platform to yield reduced layover times and increased profits.

As an owner operator in the expedite industry, Expediter Services sought to capitalize on its vast amount of logistical mileage and load information to reduce layover times for its fleet. Armed with timely and accurate freight lane information, drivers are provided the best opportunity to avoid long layovers and extensive deadhead miles, as well as to increase load counts. By incorporating this information into a user-friendly website and utilizing their significant discounts in fuel, insurance and maintenance, Expediter Services' trucks are among the most profitable in the industry.

"Owner Operators are the backbone of the expedited freight industry, but are essentially on their own out there," states Jason Williams, President and COO. "Although we developed the program for our own fleet, it provides the tools for all owner operators in the industry to Never Stand Alone."

The Expediter Services, LLC Owner Operator Program utilizes a custom fuel card system and interactive website to propagate the proprietary and financial information.

For more information contact:

Jeff Tacker


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