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Fusion Transportation: Solves YOUR Cash Flow Problems

By Sandy Long - staff writer
Posted Feb 20th 2014 12:54AM


Fusion Transportation, founded in 2005 and located in Brighton Michigan, focuses on specialized and expedite freight. Vince Turri, President of Fusion Transportation, started out as a fleet owner and worked in operations starting in the mid 1990’s. His experience gives him an intimate knowledge of the issues facing owner operators leased on with companies. Fusion Transportation has instituted a ‘pay in 72 hours’ policy for their owner operators and fleet owners.

“At Fusion Transportation Group we focus on the owner operator. We understand in the trucking business, cash flow is very important which is why we pay settlements in 72 hours. This is huge for our owner operators and really empowers them to have a successful business when partnering with Fusion.” Turri states. “Getting paid fast also makes things easier at home for the families of our owner operators. Situations arise at home when an owner operator is out on the road; many of our contractors have told us they can better deal with those issues because we pay settlements throughout the week.”

Knowing first hand that many repair shops on the road may not be reliable or may take days to get in to; Fusion has a fully staffed shop at their terminal in Brighton with certified mechanics. Owner operators are offered discounts on hourly rates thereby saving them money and less downtime than having repairs done at dealerships.

“One thing I have learned over the years is that people have to work very hard to become an owner operator. All owner operators and fleet owners have invested tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into their equipment. Their success is something that I take personally and very seriously when they sign on and put their trust in us! Here at Fusion we take a vested interest in each owner operator that signs on with us to insure he/she is profitable every week. The more money our contractors make, the more success we have as a company.” Turri says.

Fusion Transportation is seeking owner operators and fleet owners with Sprinters, Large Straights and Tractor Trailers that haul expedite freight. “Our biggest need is for owner operators and fleet owners with semi’s with experience pulling flatbeds, step decks, and Conestoga trailers. This type of freight is in high demand and rates can be up to 50 percent higher compared to traditional dry van rates.” Turri said. “We also place qualified Class A and B drivers for our fleet owners at no charge to the fleet owner.”

The ‘paid in 72 hours’ policy is not the only unique benefit Fusion offers their owner operators and fleet owners. Turri states, “Our program is designed to benefit the owner operator. We pay all dead head miles to pick up the load, right now our dead head rate for tractors is .56 per mile, to cover the cost of the fuel to pick up a load. We also pay 100 percent of the FSC to the owner operator. Our Dead Head and Fuel Surcharge are calculated weekly based on the national average diesel price. Detention charges, lay over and stop off pay are also paid including tarp fees for the flatbed drivers.“

“We pay 68-80 percent of the line haul (depends on the truck size) to the truck versus a flat rate per mile. If we get an excellent rate on a load, we want to share it with the owner operator. With our program the shorter loads pay very well too. You do not have to run a lot of miles to make great money with us.”

“Another great thing about our program is that we do not charge any fees. The trucks are equipped with all the electronics free of charge and there is no charge for the use of our trailers as well.”

If you are looking for a company that has your best interests at heart, contact Fusion Transportation, 12482 Emerson Dr. Brighton, MI 48116, 810-378-4011; a company that lives by their motto “Our Success is Measured by the Success of Our Owner Operators”

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