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Focus: Expediter Services, LLC

By Contributing Writer
Posted Dec 20th 2012 6:47AM

Caleb and Andrea Harper.

Recently, Expediter Services welcomed new partners Caleb and Andrea Harper of Wichita Falls, Texas. The story of how they got into Expediting is compelling to say the least: a lot of hard work, soul searching, and assessing how to make the Expediting Industry work for them. We're happy to say that they've found a way for their business to successfully move forward with support from Expediter Services.

Read Caleb's story below:
harpers.jpgFor us, expediting has definitely been a ride comparable to being on the back end of a wild bull. However, what we have found is that like in rodeo, for the cowboy that finds a way to complete the full 8 second ride, the reward can be worth the while. I started trucking 4 years ago with my own authority because I was 19 years old and as most know, in this industry unless your 23 with experience you're out of luck.

We did some hot-shotting in the oil field but the main thing that got us over the hump was car hauling. When I turned twenty-one, I gave FedEx a call and came over to Custom Critical with a team driver that lasted 2 weeks. I then ran solo for the next year-and-a-half. If anyone reading this only remembers one thing say, It doesn't matter if you lease a lawn mower on to a carrier, it better have a sleeper with a team driver in the back waiting to cut grass after your 11 hours of drive time is up! If I had a dollar for every time I've seen somebody leave expediting cursing the carrier, I'd more than likely be having lunch with warren buffet right now.

During my time as a solo driver if I had allowed myself, I could have been one of the ones that left. Instead I chose to look at the side of things business-wise that worked in the industry and apply them to my circumstance. The sentence, "Its not a FedEx problem, it's a me problem," filled my family's ears so much they where probably ready to disown me. I came in contact with Expediter Services, and with the massive help of Steve Kochensparger, the finance specialist at Expediter Services, I bought my first straight truck early this year and my second this November. Today I have four drivers, two becoming qualified and my wife and I are running the newest straight truck. I plan on purchasing another one of Expediter Services reconditioned trucks in the near future. Expediting is definitely a long journey, but from my experience anything worthwhile usually is.

Partner with Expediter Services, LLC


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